Introduce yourself with a little pertinent info and maybe a recent photo.

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My name is Jens and I live in the beautifull city of Stockholm here in Sweden.

And I am an avid motorcyclist, riding my goldwing whenever I get a chance.

And as usual fail totaly when I am trying to describe myself. :)

It would be nice to meet someone someday, but I am in no hurry.

Ask any question you like and I will try to answer it.









Hello.  I'm Crystal and I'm 27, and a  professional . N.C. is my home state.  I'm glad to have been able to sift out all the freaks :) and come straight here to meet folks more freethinking like myself.  I was raised Christian and joined a few churches as a child and young adult--Pentecostal, Baptist, Holiness-- and consider myself pretty knowledgeable of the Bible, making it even more easy for me to argue with believers.

I enjoy being able to have conversation, and usually don't like sarcasm until I know a person well.  I love honesty, a two-way street...

I don't love sports at all, unless I am actively involved.  I like traveling, outdoors, and just hanging around.   

Hi Crystal.  Welcome.  Although, I'm probably one of the freaks.
not a religious freak... :)
Not that flavor of freak, no.
I'm a 26 year old guy. Recently moved to New York City. I've got a Masters degree in Computer Security and work in the IT Security line. Apart from work, I enjoy reading, traveling, music (I'm an amateur guitarist), cooking and off course meeting like minded rational folk.

If you want to know more about my atheist or religious history, just ask

Hello! I hope everyone is enjoying themselves.


I would be if I wasn't stuck on a mountain in South Korea.




Well....since I've blablaed all over the front page, maybe I don't need an introduction, but just in case:


Hi, I'm Katie.  That's my unphotoshopped picture and I really look like that, Heather can attest, haha.  I'm single, atheist, libertarian, like long walks on the beach...but only at night because I DO NOT tan well.  I call it "lobstering."  I'm very loud and opinionated and I like to talk, so if that's a problem, you can just piss right off.  I'm told I'm funny and entertaining and "cute."  I've never been married or pregnant.


I live in the metro ATL area.  It's alright, but I'm considering moving to another city.  It just depends on the job market....though I am employed, I'm looking for something else.  I like cities with tons of diverse cultures and ATL has a little of that, but not nearly enough!


I like men who can take care of themselves, are healthy, adventurous, sexual, intelligent, creative, hygienic, youthful, and fun.  No lazy, boring, obese, limp, old men.  I should specify that when I say "old" I mostly mean attitude.  I know men in their 20s that act like grandpas and men in their 40s that I was shocked to find out were in their 40s because they're so youthful.  I don't care about age so much, though, if you're old enough to be my dad....sorry, but no.  I love the arts so must my man.  I like sports as well, but prefer the arts. I can find the fun in anything, so I need a guy who's up for anything. :D


My deal breakers are listed in the topic, "What are the...."  

Hi! I'm Dustin.

I am 29 years old and live in the frozen tundra that is Minnesota. I work in IT and I'm currently going back to school to get a degree in the field. I spent 6 years in restaurant management and had to get out. I'm very glad that I did.

I'm a big art and art history geek. I also love science, astronomy, biology, physics, etc. I really love live music and go to 1 or 2 live shows a week. Beyond that, I like movies, nerdy documentaries and getting outdoors (provided it's not -20 degrees outside.)

I haven't had much luck finding atheist women or religious women that are ok with me being atheist. I've had more than one relationship end because they just couldn't get over the fact that I don't believe in god.

I suppose if you want to know more you can just add me!
We were discussing atheist women in one of the other topic and why we seem so unavailable, if you care to add to the discussion.

Hello all, I'm Eddie. I'm 30 years old and live in Nipomo, CA (180 miles north of Los Angeles). I love music, reading, sports, working out, and watching movies. I've very talkative and can talk about almost anything.


This picture of me was taken at Bubble Gum Alley in San Luis Obispo, CA.


Hello All,


I'm Derek, I'm 28 and live in Minnesota (twin cities).  I've been an atheist since high school and am lovin every minute of it.  I'm an Electrical Engineer (went to the UofM for EE).


So far I've had a couple of serious relationships that ended mainly due to spiritual differences (mainly my lack thereof).  The most recent one was with someone from Mobile, Alabama (I used to travel a lot for work) whose father is a southern baptist paster.  That one didn't fly too well when I went down to meet the family with the intentions on being honest about myself.  Perhaps it's the crowd I am in or just the way MN works but it seems that there aren't a lot of single atheists women out there.







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