Introduce yourself with a little pertinent info and maybe a recent photo.

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That is nice. It would help to post a picture of your whole body which would reveal how fat or thin and how tall you are.  

You're right, I've never done the whole 'internet single scene' thing, wasn't really thinking.

Okay, I will try and get an updated one soon, in the meantime... here is one from winter w/ a couple friends. I am the one in the brown jacket, holding the Beatles hat.


I'm 5'7"

Green eyes (they reflect blue some days)

Reddish hair.

And yes, over-weight... something I dislike, but I'm not whiny about it. It's up to me to change that fact after all. Just means I need to spend more time at the gym, lol. I already eat decent. I'm nearly exclusively vegetarian.(once every couple months, I might indulge in a fish taco, or a reuben... those are still weak points for me)




Thanks for the tip though Michael, I'll keep it in mind when I post pictures later.

You body mass index is a little greather than mine.  I know this because I'm a little bit skinnier than average, but the difference doesn't look big enough to make a difference.
Michael:  I understand that while appearance is not everything, it's also not quite nothing; and I understand being straightforward; but there are also such things as tact and subtlety and not making it seem as though appearance were all that mattered to you.  I'm sure it isn't, but you're making it seem as though it matters more than anything else.

I have to agree, though... I'd like to think he didn't actually mean to come across as if it truly was his sole focus, but then again, perhaps that's just my inability to truly take offense to something in print. It's hard to know a stranger's meaning, and I'm definitely not a mind reader :)


But in future, I would encourage Michael to re-read and look a little more closely at how his responses might come off... if not to worry about how he might offend others, to worry about how he is presenting himself as an individual.

I'm leaning towards Asperger's Syndrome or something along those lines, myself.  I'm not sure Michael is aware of how offensive many of his word choices are.  I'm hoping that repetition may help him out with that somewhat, such as my analysis of his personals profile, in another thread somewhere around here.


Even if he doesn't understand why it's offensive, he can pick up the patterns eventually, perhaps.  He's definitely not stupid, despite his social issues.

What did I say that was so terrible?  So, I asked to see a picture of a girl who probably will never meet me in person, so it was a waste of my time to ask.  So, I'm on a bowling league sponsored by the columbus young professions club, and women there will be seen and everyone will know how fat or skinny they are.  Nu, and online women can hide themselves so nobody knows how fat they are, and we are supposed to just politely pretend a person's weight doesn't matter.  And I work at a grocery store and all covers of the women's magazines at the checkout lanes all say things like "loose 12 pounds in 2 weeks... never mind that the max. amount of weight you can loose ina day is 7-8 ounces and if you loose any more you will be dehydrated or damage your muscles.  So, on ok cupid or a dating website, why should I risk conversing with a girl for awhile only to find out she weighs too much, why not just get the weight out of the way right away so I know whether the woman is ok or whether I should move on to someone else?  And you know what else? My mother is obese, 1-1/2 to 1-3/4 x my weight, and any girl who is too fat, I'll just think she is too similar to my mother.  You can't date your mother.

If you're looking for a girl who is fit and active, then fine.  The problem that everyone is trying to get you to understand is that the way you say things is insulting and will drive off many women who would meet your criteria.
There is probably a nicer way to say this. I'm just saying. You sound like an asshole when you talk like that.

I like your picture; it's very pretty.  Cute dog.


Ooh, and a Mac person, too!  Bonus!


So what are your long-term ambitions?

As far as long term goals, I want to be the most accomplished individual I can be. But more specifically, I want to be published. I love writing, and I am working on a novel at the moment. (and I always have several short stories in the works).


As far as other goals go... I'm still deciding. Finishing my degree is definitely one, financing just wasn't there the first time around. But hoping with a little aid from scholarships I'll rectify that in the next year. I'll probably always be a student of some sort, even if it's on my own... I love learning. 


And Thank You for the compliment! Also, I think my dog is cute as well...  smallest one I've ever had, but she's absolutely adorable.

Plus, when you say things like that...


Well, you start playing on a woman's insecurities... whether they are thin or heavier, they still have them. Even if you didn't mean it so, it has negative connotations.


And they will associate the negative emotion that it causes with you.


In short, you make us self-conscious  and we feel bad.




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