Introduce yourself with a little pertinent info and maybe a recent photo.

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Oh, and I meant to comment, when you posted the picture, but I seem to have completely zoned out and missed doing that.


You're really not particularly overweight, unless someone is demanding a swizzle stick, in a date.  You'd almost be better off getting over your insecurity and always posting full-body pictures.  Your face is a bit fuller than average (wow, major cheekbones), which many people will think is because you're overweight, but then we see the rest of your body, and it's a big surprise, because you're a lot slimmer than we'd imagined.

I can see what you mean, after Michael's post... I started thinking about why most women don't seem to post full-body pictures, and I do think it's typically an insecurity. But for me, at the time I really didn't think about it. I figured, I had a picture with make-up as my profile picture, so one without would be nice.


Maybe it was self-conscious insecurity, because I am a bit hard on myself. I feel you should always strive to be a to be a better you. (if that makes any sense whatsoever lol)


But thank you :)

Yeah, I can sort of see the variety thing going, with your profile pictures.  Some very nice ones in there.


I know what you mean about self-betterment.  If I didn't engage in a good bit of self-abuse, I'd never get anything done.

Then could you just be honest and mention your exact weight in your profile so I won't have to ask?

And we've already been over that, too.  Our society finds that question insulting.

I don't see how it can be insulting if a woman just voluntary gave her weight without being prompted or reminded to say it.  Yeah, I know no women does, althogh I've been on dating websites that have a drop down box where you can click on your approximate weight, assuming you don't lie.  What if I didn't give my height and a woman meets me in person and is surprised because she expected someone who is taller or more robust looking?  ANd why are women allowed to not like me because I'm only 5ft 3in but I'm supposed to remain silent about how fat she is? 

Yes, that much is true, but I don't imagine you particularly like being judged off of your height? I'd personally find it even more insulting, because it's not something I can change.


It's not a woman's voluntarily giving it out that is insulting... it's expecting it. Yes, I think it can be important, but if you are to date in our society, there are normal codes of conduct that you have to adapt to in order to be successful. Tact when handling situations such as weight are important... don't say 'looking for someone who isn't fat' (negative), say 'looking for someone fit and healthy as I am' (positive).


I'm stuck in the Bible belt... it requires a lot of patience dating here. I can date a guy for weeks before I find out he's more religious than he led on. Or worse are the ones who claim to have no issue with my being an atheist.... dated one a year, only for it to wind up ending horribly. I won't date a Christian again if I can help it.


But I am not going to say 'searching for someone who is not a bible thumping lunatic'. I'm more likely to say, 'freethinking agnostic atheist, searching for like-minded person'


It's all about what society views as insulting, or you will make yourself out to be quite the jerk... and no one wants to date someone like that. Even if they actually do fit your criteria.

But I am not going to say 'searching for someone who is not a bible thumping lunatic'.

Hmm, I dunno.  I might go with that one.  :-D



First thing I saw when I checked my email. Thanks for making me laugh, good start to the day.

Yay!  I made a contribution!

Then could you just be honest and mention your exact weight in your profile so I won't have to ask?

I just glanced at this one again.  So, what you're telling us is that you expect everyone to put their height and weight in their Atheist Nexus profile?  Really?  That's ... so out there and unimportant for the majority of the people on here.  That's just silly.


Hello, I'm Angela.

I have a photo in my profile.

I used to be in the ornithology field, but I'm working toward getting back there. I also like certain video games. I come from a Baptist background. I struggle with a mood disorder plus other things, thought I would put that out there because I don't want to be awkward later.

I would especially appreciate anyone that is in the southeast Michigan area to talk to me, but anyone is welcome.


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