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I'm 26, live in NJ, and am utterly tired of single life. I've been an atheist for about half my life and the more I learn, the more I realize I could never really connect with someone who still defers to nonexistent beings for guidance. Meeting someone online has become my best hope because I am shockingly inarticulate in speech; the written word is the only form of communication I can fully express myself with, except among close friends. I have great difficulty meeting new people even though I don't take long to warm up to them once the introduction has been made. I'm looking for a woman of similar age, preferably living somewhere in FL as I'm planning to move down there within the year.

Tommy here.  Just joined.  I live in a small Texas Town on the coast and it SUX!  No way of meeting other atheists here, especially females.  Why can't my job be in Austin?


Hi, I'm Tiina from Finland, the country in Europe, not a city in the States. There are both. I'm 35, been agnostic or some sort of atheist for as long as I can remember. I respect other people's beliefs, I just feel no need to share them and get annoyed when I'm expected to. That can put a bit of a strain to a relationship... And I'm picky, I like guys that are slim, being petite myself, interested in the world and not scared of girls that talk science and science fiction rather than shoes, although I do talk shoes too. (They all are separate languages. Especially talking shoes. And I don't have actual talking shoes in my closet although my housekeeping skills are somewhat suspect and I think there is a thriving civilization under my desk.) And I've been told my sense of humour is 'unique'.

The picture... If I worked this thing out right, should be linked here:

I'm Brendon, and I live somewhere deep in the suburbs of Virginia. I'm 19 (turning 20 somewhat soonish) and quickly realizing I'm probably one of the youngest people I'll meet on this site (no offense). I've been an atheist for probably... 5 years now. I suppose I'll do the rest of this cookie-cutter style.
I enjoy physics, nature, the internet (well, most of it), social deviants (more for humor than anything), parenthesis (it's like an afterthought), and books (mostly non-fiction).

I dislike a lot of things. Not to appear pessimistic or anti-social, because I'm not, people just happen to do a lot of the things that annoy me.

Heres a recent picture of me:

how wonderful that this text box enabled me to scale this picture. otherwise you'd all be graced with a massive picture of mostly my nose.

Hello! My name is Chantal. I'm 20 years old and I live in Houston Texas. I am a biology student at the University of Houston. I have only been atheist for about 2 months (and loving it), but my family still doesn't know yet. I hope to be a surgeon one day. I love learning new languages and hearing music from around the world. Message me if you'd like to hang out or Skype or something! :D Hasta luego! 

Wow, recent change.  How long have you been wavering?  What started your doubting?

Hi I'm Katrina. 20 years old,a chubby lady from the Philippines. I study finance at National University. I came across this site because of such particular topics, like "atheist nun" and how's life going on the other side of the world.

Well, Seriously I was wondering on why people won't accept me for what I am, If I told them that I don't believe in God they're worshiping. I don't know. I just like living my life with own beliefs, and living in my own perception on what life is.

I am wildly sophisticated, in the sense that i don't like having too much drama in everything and I know, I still have a lot of things to experience/learn.

I'm Juan (a.k.a. J) I'm 23 yrs old, Live in Brooklyn, N.Y. Have been single for some time. I have an assiciates degree in web design, starting my own web company with a friend.  I've been looking for a like minded woman for a while can't seem to find one but I can always find thise religious ones (sarcasm). Finding an Atheist woman in NY is like finding God in my toliet. I'm a memeber if Amercian Atheist. I wonder if there are any NY woman on here who are single and near my age or older. It Would be interestingly funny if there were some here on this site.

I am Shannon. I am 31, just got an Associate's in Computer Science. I currently reside in South Carolina, where I was born and raised, though I have lived in Buffalo, NY, NYC, and briefly San Francisco and LA. I am childless and wish to stay that way. I am also a lesbian. I am definitely leaving the Bible Belt as soon as I find a job elsewhere. My passions are books, secularism (of course!), LGBT rights, and writing. 

I'm Toni. And to get right to the point...I'm fat and unattractive. But I'm smart, funny, loving, thinking, honest, and enjoy life. I'm a widowed female, age 51, currently living in NC but originally from Illinois. I have a Masters Degree and career. What am I doing about the fat part? Dreading the "D" word, but am making changes. Lots of water, high fiber, less meat, less carbs, less food! Oh, and getting off my fat a$$ and moving around.

I don't like doing things alone. The kids (2) are away at school (yeah!) and I have time to myself. What to do? I enjoy hiking, camping, fishing (not good at getting fish off the hook yet), as well as reading. I'm not big on movies, I like watching sports, especially football and hockey (darn NHL). And travel! I think I'd go anywhere--especially museums, zoos, aquariums, and historical sites (yes, that includes Civil War battlefields). Oh, and as far as total disclosure, enjoy shopping, especially antiques and "junk" shops.

Honestly, I'd like to just make some friends. You don't have live close--getting to know someone through email would be just fine.

My name is Brooke. I am 34, single, never been married and I do not have any children. I am currently living in Greenville, SC. But have spent the last 13 years in Minneapolis, MN. I have been agnostic since I can remember and just recently determined myself to be more atheist than anything else. I am passionate about facts and finding out truths about our world and the people in it. I'd love to meet some men in the Greenville area and some female friends too. 

Wow, major shock, I imagine, going from Minneapolis to Greenville, SC.  Say hello to Bob Jones for me.  ^.^


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