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Oh hell. Not many visitors, but why not?

About 6 years an atheist before my dad put my older sister and me into a Catholic school (he didn't trust himself to raise moral kids); about 20 years a Catholic before I tossed my parents and their religion, about 52 years an agnostic before a guy dared me to leave my closet; the rest of my 83 years a way-out atheist.

Early during my agnostic years, a six-year marriage to an agnostic woman and by agreement no kids. We joined the same singles club and our dancing surprised some new friends.

I'm in Yountville California, nine miles north of Napa, and was looking at my laptop screen when at 3:20AM on August 31 a 6.0 earthquake rattled the county and emptied half of my bookshelves. The only damage was to two ceramics pieces I'd finished a week earlier.

I read, write, do lightweight politics, chat about lots of stuff, and occasionally go to The City (SF).

RSVP. (Don't know French but I'm studying Spanish.)

... and who won't look at me with that pitying expression—most of us know it well—when I tell them that I am an atheist.

Awwwwww, and he seemed so nice.  I wonder what happened?

Think carefully for a moment; do atheists who get a pitying expression use words that invite it?

Maybe 25 years ago I told a very bright woman that I seem to attract passive women. Without a moment's hesitation she asked me if something in my manner invites such women.


I was ready to see it (no longer needed to deny it) and I saw it. Happily I was doing volunteer work that gave me opportunities to practice new ways to relate.

I must have succeeded because right now I don't remember what I changed. I also no longer have that complaint; I enjoy occasional verbal combat with assertive women.

Hello, I'm Steve. I'm 49 and live in Columbia, Maryland. I haven't been on Atheist Nexus in quite a while. I'd like to meet someone in Central Maryland or who might be interested in eventually relocating to this area. My profile picture is only about a year old. The one below was taken in Prince William Forest Park, a great place to hike south of Washington DC.

Ask me anything...

Hi. Jeff. Been separated for several months, divorcing later this year. I'm on a few dating sites (cuz I'm not much of a partier), and figured atheistnexus might be a place to look. That and I miss the discussions and have a lot more time on my hands, now.

I'm originally from Chicago, recently transplanted to the Nashville area. I like outdoorsy stuff, gardening and farming. I do computers for a living. I have motivations towards off-the-grid living. All kinds of interests. Most notably (because politics seems so popular around here): I've been called a fascist and a radical in the same conversation by the same person. I think my opponent just didn't understand the meanings of the words.



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