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I once killed a bear-holding-a-shark with my bare hands.
Greetings All,
I haven't been here long and I normally don't have much time for posting on social sites, but this one is great. A lot of interesting people of all ages with something important in common - and strong tendency towards intelligence :)

BIO: I'm Canadian, 52 yrs old, and spent most of my life as a struggling student with a very singular focus - advancing my career. It has been very interesting and very successful (I am now a tenured associate professor at K-State doing research in crop protection entomology) but for some reason I am less happy now than when I was a student/post-doc. I have been married and divorced twice, 2 young daughters from my 1st marriage growing up without me in Canada (I do see them twice a year, but its not enough). My 2nd wife left me last year after 9 years together and I have been alone on this frozen/baking desert ever since. I dare not say anything disparaging about the local people, and there are some good ones, but let's just say I don't fit in here and never will. This is a very close-knit, conservative, religious community and I have very few friends, even though I've been here 7 years now. Although tenure is great job-security, it also makes it tough to move to another job.

Life can be so unfair. You never realize the times when you were really happy until you look back on them from the future. Now I have everything I slaved so hard to get, but I have no one to share it with and I'm stuck somewhere I'd rather not be.

LADIES: I am not hung up on looks, only intellect, and I have money to travel, so don't be shy!
I used to be a marathon cyclist (aahhh, the post-doc years, sigh), I am active, work out regularly, and still like to cycle. I like to have a few beers in the evening with some good company. Obligatory photo is attached below (me talking to farmers about how to manage sunflower insects). Oh yes, and I like to use the word 'evolution' as often as I possibly can in these situations....
Looks like I forgot to introduce myself when I joined the group.

I am 28 and just moved to Delaware. I have a BA in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, an MS in Biomedical Sciences, and am working on a PhD in Marine Microbial Ecology. Yes, I love science and school :) Just starting to write my doctoral proposal- very exciting and so much to be done!

I've been a non-believer for as long as I can remember. My parents taught me Hinduism growing up but I can't remember ever believing in god/gods. Religious stories make for excellent fiction though, all that blood, gore, violence, betrayal, magic, etc :) Incidentally, I never believed in Santa Claus either, although I am retaining hope of one day finding a Prince Charming!

I have been married (at 21) and divorced (at 24) before and I guess I was just too young then to be settling. I have no children and I am undecided as to wanting them in the future. My age range for date-able men ranges from 3-4 years younger than me to 30 years older. Don't ask me why, I just like intelligent, active men and age never seems to factor in. Interests include: science, science fiction, human space travel, astronomy, physics, cooking, hiking, traveling, reading, and so on.

I will be adding more pictures to my profile page but I have a couple on there so far. Don't be shy in terms of contacting me! I like having discussions in general.
<3 Mrina ~(@)~
Wow, I wish I knew that much about biology. I might have studied it in college, but I don't like to cut things open. I do have a friend who intended to major in biology but ended up getting into marine geology, but I don't know if he's doing anything with it. His dad is a professor of biology at the University of Rochester in Rochester, NY.
Haha, I hated cutting things open and so I left animal biology. It seemed so cruel! I work with marine bacteria now, they don't care and there are plenty more of them ready to take over if a few are killed ;)
That's cool. You and he must have studied some of the same things. That area of expertise always makes me think of articles I've read about the ecosystems they're discovering around thermal vents. Fascinating stuff, especially to think that anything could survive at such extreme temperatures.
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology - sounds extremely cool and fun. Hard to find jobs in that field?
Hmm, I have never found a job in that field but then, I have never looked. I went into more of the molecular biology side and been doing that since. :)
Since I'm at the outer limits of my knowledge here, I'd just like to reiterate that it's just really fascinating stuff and I wish I knew more. =P
Aww, thanks!
You have the glasses thing goin' on girl. It just completes the whole 'sexy librarian' sterotype :)
Hey, I'm 46, formerly of Manhattan and now Toronto, looking to hang with more atheist friends and possibly a guy, too. I'd love an atheist group that just goes to dinner, movies, hiking, cycling, whatever--but you're with a group of fellow a-theists. That'd rock!

(picture is from a storm day out kayaking)


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