Introduce yourself with a little pertinent info and maybe a recent photo.

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Well at least now I know there are single atheist women somewhere!
Now I just need to find one within a hundred miles of me. :)
You and me both Dan. Unless you too are wandering a remote Arizona desert somewhere.

Unfortunately Florida doesn't have deserts!
And the fishing is better! haha
Most of our running water comes in the form of flash floods filling dry washes. We like to joke 'round here that we just don't have the heart to tell the tourists that fish don't fall out of the sky. So we just sell them bait.


As I'm trying to stay on with Seasonal Park Service gigs, I'd love to work in Florida at some point. Seems like the most beautiful oceanfronts the U.S. has to offer.
The only floods we get are when the storm drains get plugged!
But I have a snorkle on the Jeep so I can drive through 6 ft of water :)

I prefer the water over land anyways.
Well, I'm a Great Lakes girl/water-lover who also happens to love the desert. Go figure!
Hello all, I'm Shaun, I'm from the Great White North, I live in a town near of Calgary with the dullest name in the Western World (Olds), and I climbed off the agnostic fence and into atheism about three years ago.
hello there. i am arsalan from karachi. looking for an atheist gal preferably from my part of the world. :-)

Hi All, I'm Mark, male, 53 yrs old, born 1957. I enjoyed the conferences in Long Beach and Burbank and look forward to Montreal and meeting interesting atheists.

I traveled on the cheap after high school, settled down a bit at 28 and earned an associate of applied science in computer science. After more than two decades continuous employment (and still employed) I'm now in night school to roll the AAS into a bachelor degree.

I've tried several hobbies such as biking, hiking, piano, scuba, motorcycle and learned that I like some more than others. One hobby that I've continued with is juggling. It would be great to find someone who enjoyed passing clubs or at least interested in learning. Not a requirement, just would be nice.

I've had relationships with "believers" and tried myself to believe many different supernatural ideas, so I'm not strident with believers, but would not consider a long-term relationship with one again.
Down to earth atheist fella looking to meet skeptic lasses.
Not into the long distance thing but willing to travel as far as a few hundred miles of Auburn Alabama due to scarcity.

The Sky is Blue and Sun is Orange because God is an Auburn fan ;)
Hi group. I am just here to have a casual conversation or two, and maybe make new atheist buddies. Feel free to say hello.




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