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Hello! My name is micheal, im 18 live in a small town in oklahoma.

Hello to everyone here! I'm Brent, a single, never-married guy in St. Louis - yes, home of the Cardinals, Rams and (especially for me) BLUES! I'll be turning 50 on Sept. 11 (yeah, I know, heck of a day to have a birthday these days) and have a BA in journalism. I've worked in the newspaper biz in southeastern Missouri, both Carolinas and in east-central Illinois as well as the Suburban Journals in St. Clair County on the Illinois side. Most recently, I worked three-and-a-half years at a club on the Illinois side.

Have a wide variety of interests - alternative and community media, volunteering in the community (I do volunteer stuff with a local community radio station here in the STL), politics (I consider myself a progressive with a bit of a libertarian streak), current affairs and sport (especially hockey, soccer, Canadian football and Australian Rules football - huge, huge fan of both the Canadian Football League and Australian Football League).

What am I looking for? Someone who's fun, smart, witty and has had it with skydaddies. Someone who knows what's really going on in the world. Don't care where you are - I'm about as friendly as anyone out there. Talk to me, get to know me - you just may like what you see and hear.
45-year-old, female, single mom for 15 years to three kids in their late teens. Vegetarian (pretty much) health foodie into rock music new and old. Born in Philadelphia (of 100% Italian descent), raised in south Jersey and now living in Scottsdale, Arizona. Non-smoking, physically fit, not into drugs/drinking. Former "new ager", (there was a very strong attempt which miserably failed for me to be) raised Catholic for my first 18 years followed by approximately 25 years of new age craziness before logic won out over wishful thinking and delusion. Full-on Atheist for 3 years and counting!

I'd like to meet a man who is my age, also pretty much vegetarian and who's into music and comedy and who's still hot. (I'm quite shallow. I *do* live in Snottsdale you know.) I've tried to compromise dating out-of-shape guys, smokers, religious people, heavy meat eaters, lovers of classical & jazz music, guys who aren't into music (they just find it weird when I head out with my kids to see The Who or Fall Out Boy or Cute is What We Aim For) younger guys, and older guys. I found I've been happier alone but am throwing out this feeler in case there's a kindred spirit in the southwest.
Hmm, so I lose on the age, distance, and hot requirements. I'm in decent shape; I'm just definitely not hot.
Oh yea, that reminds me, I've done the long-distance thing too--a few times. And good call on the "hot" thing. I meant it tongue in cheek--probably not a good thing to do online. Hot is in the eye of the beholder and I took a look at your pictures and you're not what I would call hot but you are really cute! So I'll append my post to say "decent shape and cute and/or hot". I'm looking for someone at least 40 years old and so many guys my age have really let themselves go and a life of overeating, overworking, drinking, smoking, generally not taking care of themselves and, most importantly, not being happy in life and it really shows by the time you hit middle age.
Yeah, I hear you there. I should still be in good shape in my 40's ... by which time you'll be in your 50's. Heh. Funny how the gap doesn't get any smaller, over time. The only drug I abuse is caffeine, and I'm a vegetarian, so hopefully I'll keep tolerably well. Just off by a decade, in our particular case.

Doing something long distance is a bugger, though, unless someone is planning on moving in the near future. I dunno, the whole moving-2,000-miles-for-your-first-date thing has got to be a bit iffy. The pressure to make things work, even if you've been talking to someone online for 6 months ... and then what happens if you get together with someone in person, and there's just nothing?

I've had people locally that I've met online. We'll look good on paper, enjoy talking on the phone ... then we get together in person, and just nada. Zero chemistry.
We'll look good on paper, enjoy talking on the phone ... then we get together in person, and just nada. Zero chemistry.

That's why I've avoided online dating. I hear the success stories, but then the cynic in me speaks up.
Eh, online dating can work out beautifully, though. You just have to be ready for that sort of thing. You're playing the numbers in either situation. With meeting people live, you could find someone with which you have fantastic chemistry, only to find out that your life goals are completely incompatible, after talking for a few hours.

It's just a matter of which side you want to begin your sorting at. I prefer to start at the values compatibility end, since I'm more likely to run into problems down there, between religion, smoking, pets, etc. That means online dating is a better bet for me, looking up people locally, whether on a social site, dating site, or group.

My point was that given the good chance of something like that happening, moving across country for someone you've never me in person is dicey. If all you're losing is a 15 minute drive across town and the cost of dinner, then go for it.
someone you've never met in person

Damned proofreading failures.
Heh - true. I can not fathom dating a religious person or someone with opposite political/social views. So in that regard; yeah. Online seems a good way to weed all that out from the start.
I propose a solution to this dilemna: attend freethought conventions. Everyone there is already self-selected based on lack of religion, so you can feel safe meeting people live with whom you have good chemistry. Atheist Alliance International has one coming up in just 2 weeks!

Alas, Montreal is a wee bit too much commute for me. Thanks for posting though!

I'm in a college town in one of the relatively blue safe havens here in red-state AZ (Flagstaff). There's gotta be a freethinkers group or something here. I'd start one but me and trying to start social events tends to end in disaster. I'm better off latching onto something already in existence!




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