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Agreed on most of this... the relationships I've had have all been with religious people, simply because it's so hard to find anything else. However, for the most part, we managed to get along on that score, as long as we agreed to pretty much stay off the subject. The few discussions we did have, though, wound up largely the way you said - she was much more bothered by the fact that I DID NOT believe in imaginary beings, than I was by the fact that she DID.
Hi, Carol!

Hey, don't feel out of things; we're not all 20-somethings here. Some of us are downright well-seasoned!

I know exactly where Central Point is; I've been through there a couple of times. Always kind of wondered why it was called that, since it doesn't seem very centrally located in the state.

We're kind of neighbors, on a national scale; I'm a ways north of you, near Seattle.

I suspect that the reason religious people can't stand to be around atheists is that they know, at some level, that their beliefs are irrational, and are afraid that, without constant reinforcement by other believers, they will eventually succumb to logic and clear thought, and begin to realize that they are living in a delusion.

At least I hope that's the reason.

Anyway, welcome!
I was the opposite--I ended my last relationship in part because I couldn't deal with the person's theism but I think it was more due to his hypocrisy and lack of ability to discuss his beliefs without throwing a tantrum. And boy oh boy did he get pissed off when I pointed that out by saying "Not only do I not believe in god but I also don't believe in your Catholicism. You say you're a Christian but you act like an atheist."

It's amazing how many Christians I know like that, yeah.
pesci-ovo-lacto-wahtever vegetarian

A what? So, you do eat those things, or you don't? Eggs and milk-products are allowed, in vegetarianism, anyway. It's veganism that cuts out ALL animal products. Fish would knock you out of being a pure vegetarian, yes.
Hi! I'm Michelle and I am 39 years old and live in Pittsburgh PA. No, I don't like the Steelers :)
I came to atheism about 3 years ago and think I actually might be leaning toward anti-theism. I can't see the good religion or belief in god has done the world that a little humanism and reason couldn't have done. I have been single for about 9 years now and have a daughter and a son (13 and 20). My son is also an atheist. My daughter is 13 and doesn't know what she is besides in love with Justin Beiber :)
I wish I could at least find someone to have some decent conversation with who won't look at me like I just slapped their puppy when the topic of god comes up. Nice to "meet" you all! So glad I found you!
Beiber ... *shudder*
Not sure if I'm wasting my time, and can't recall if I already posted, but here's me:

32 year old longhaired white male. agnostic atheist. I find a lot of Anton LaVey's writings and philosophies interesting and inspiring, even if I do not exactly live by them. I'm quiet til I get to know you, but with my friends, I'm usually laidback and funloving. I can laugh at ANYTHING. Not easily offended at all by mere jokes. Though I do have a strong cynical side about many things and people in today's "society".

I am somewhat 'bi', but romantically only into women, for longterm relationships. I think women with certain "bad habits" are sexy. I don't smoke, but I find it extremely visually appealing on women.

equally skeptical of the left-right political paradigm, thinking many "libs" act just as dogmatic as theists. i consider myself independent but lean towards libertarian in some ways. though on economics, I'm not really educated, so I'm undecided. I'm not extremely political, but have strong opinions on certain topics.

I DON'T care for kids. No offense.

I love carnivals, the beach, or just chillin at home and shooting some pool. Wanna know anything else, ask
So, why have you still not joined the Triangle group? Far better dating potential in a group like that, as opposed to a worldwide site like this. Heck, that's how I met the girl I'm currently dating.

Come bowling with us on December 4th or something. Or heck, we have TFS Happy Heathen Hour this Saturday, in Raleigh, on Glenwood Ave. There's talk of us turning that into a weekly event.
Actually, I'm a member. I've been meaning to get out to a meeting, but just keep either having car issues and am scared to drive halfway across town, or my car is in the shop or I'm having to save every dime I got nowadays. I know it sounds like an excuse, but I'll show up eventually. I just got my car back. I really need to move on to a higher paying job. I have a degree but am uncomfortable with the field still......going off topic now. lol
Oh, yeah, I remember you mentioning that somewhere else. I've got financial issues, too, but at least my car is a 2007. It should be another few years before I have any major mechanical issues.
Hi, my name is Eric, I am new to the nexus, and thought I should check out this group! I am 31 years old, and I live in Sacramento, CA. No kids, never been married. I enjoy reading, talking, wine, comedy, and lots of other things that I can't think of right now.


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