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Hello everyone my name is Tara I'm 25 and from Colorado. I'm quite the dork I love anime, manga, video games, movies, music and cosplaying. I can be quiet at first but I have interesting tales =) I have two tattoos and seven piercings. I'm very much a dog person and have a 5 year old chihuahua/pug. I do not drink and excess of alcohol is a definite deal breaker for me. I'm kind and easy going and really enjoy meeting new people and making more friends.

Picture taken valentines day but the blonde in my hair will soon be dyed purple.

*counts on fingers*  And you've got how many ear piercings?


I've only got three piercings, myself, and they're all in my left ear.


Edit:  Oh, I see there's the one in your nose.  That accounts for the odd number.  Although, I knew one girl with three piercings in her navel, so the nose bringing us back down to an even number doesn't mean anything.  :-D

Yes the rest are in my ear =) I used to have my right nostril, bridge, center lip and navel pierced but I've since taken em out, each for a different reason.
Awwwwww, why would you take out the navel piercing?
I took it out for a MRI and forgot to put it back in. I'll probably re-pierce it eventually.
Heh heh heh.  Ouch, yeah, that would not be something you'd want to leave in, if there are any magnetic metals in it.  How long does it take for a navel piercing to heal over?
The springs are lovely! I rarely go though since its about a two hour drive from here =/ I embrace my dorkiness I mostly say it for the anime and cosplay hehe
Welcome!  And, may I ask, do you dress as??  Have you been to Comic-con?  And we, well at least I would love to see pics of your dog!!
I cosplay as Sailor Mars from sailor moon =D I'll get some pics of his cuteness on my profile soon. And sadly no I've never been to comic con. I've only been to NDK and Starfest both in Denver

i am joe vincenzino from north plainfield, NJ.


OK, below is my profile. i actually met my ex-wife on match back in '97, and i'm there again since my divorce in '09.


I'm an intelligent, funny, compassionate, passionate and friendly guy who is easy to like and easy to feel comfortable with. After being married and now divorced, and I found that I really like to share my life.

I DO NOT CURRENTLY HAVE A BEARD, but I have so few pics of myself, I figured I'd add those. Maybe you can tell me which looks best?

And the home picture is actually a picture of my artwork, including some sculpture and paintings.


I'm such a mix of so many things. I play with toys, both grownup gadgets and children's, like trains and collectible cars. And I take mine out of the packaging. I have other interests and skills like art (I draw and sculpt), travel (I've been lot's of places), photography (many, many pics of where I've been and other stuff), home decor (my hand is in most of my home design both inside and out). I love deep serious discussions about politics, science, culture, religion, etc., but I'm also love pop culture, music, and simpler, less heady "things".

What am I looking for? An intelligent, strong, fun loving woman who'll be a good equal partner in life, and who'll both match and complement me where there are things that I don't do as well as her. I don't really have a particular "type". I appreciate people for what they are as a total. I'm not judgmental, and I usually give everybody a chance. You'll never know who'll you'll really end up liking.

I've not found anybody on here yet, and it has seemed a little difficult making connections, but if you take a chance and talk to me (by email at least), I bet you'll find somebody that you'll really like, and maybe even really, really like! I hope that you'll take a chance and try to find out more about me, even if there's just a little bit that interests you. Its very corny, but like Forrest Gump said, "you never know what you'll find".

for fun:

I have lots of interests. I sculpt, I'm a real gadget guy, I'm pretty handy and I'm a pretty good gardener and designer in general, both indoors and out. I love movies. I have a home theater, and want to share it with someone.

my job:

I'm a software trainer for a particular product, providing business intelligence. I also have an elementary/middle school education certificate.

my ethnicity:

I'm Italian-American, well Scilian actually.:D Funny thing is though, I have really fair skin, and if I'm in the sun without sunscreen for 15 minutes or more, I burn! Go figure?

my religion:

Well, I started out Catholic, but I had an education that taught me to question, I have faith in others. I'm a "secular catholic", I still celebrate the holidays. (i do say atheist on my profile, but i don't think its helped.)

my education:

I've got some graduate education too. I have a teaching certificate in both elementary education and middle school math.

favorite hot spots:

I like to travel and see the world. I'm at home in the city, the suburbs or the country, and could just as easily be on the town, as be at home. NYC is always a great place to explore! And Vegas is a fun place to eat!

favorite things:

Favorites? A burger and chocolate shake, cuddling with somebody watching a really good movie, TV shows like The Office, 30 Rock, jeans and a t-shirt, a really good comedian, dramatic plays, alternative rock (but a classic rock song rates too!).

last read:

Don't read that much, though I'm not illiterate. For some reason I gravitate more to the visual, like movies and TV, or listen to the radio (like NPR), but if you want to know what I like, it's sci-fi or satire like Hitchiker's Guide series by Adams.

oh, anybody in NJ (or anywhere), we have a atheist group that meets regularly. its lots of fun! come join us! click the link to take a look: Madison Atheists

Well Hello Everyone,

My name is Laura (and it's not an alias, that's my actual honest name)

Here is a regular picture of me on a day I was just lounging around the house. I thought an average picture would be more suitable than one covered in make-up, with my hair down... seeing me as myself is a bit more important I would think. No illusions to deal with that way, but you can tell me :)

Well, I was raised non-theistic. I have 7 brothers (1 younger, 5 older, and an older step-brother).

I arrived on this planet on July 16th, a Sunday... and I daresay the ball of dirt we call Earth hasn't been quite the same since. (Okay, perhaps that is a gross over-exagerration)


But about me- I am very outgoing, I love being outside nearly as much as I love reading, writing, and music. I am usually in a great mood, unless I'm bored, something I can't stand. I am self-confident, and at times a perfectionist. I am horrible with small-talk, and attempting to be a more open person in general (I can be terribly private, despite my outgoing nature).


I have a rather dry sense of humor, but I do love to laugh. I've been told I have a very 'old-soul' type of personality. I tend to find little in common with people who are in my age range, unless they also have an intellectual nature to rival my own. I'm not nearly as green as I am young, I've experienced a lot of life in my near 22 years.


I suppose it's typical to go on about a love of long walks on the beach, and reading Verlaine by firelight. But in all honesty, I'm not that cliche... and I believe I deserve something more original.


I grew up with my nose in a book, and my feet firmly planted on a skateboard... I enjoy mountain climbing, while at the same time I can spend a few hours thoroughly absorbed with World of Warcraft. I'm not complex, I'm simply me... and what that means can vary, I can never be described by a stereo-type, and those around me will seldom suffer boredom.


I enjoy books, music, and good conversation above just about anything. I work with computers... specializing in Apple-Macintosh, but I have long term ambitions that have next to nothing to do with the IT field.


Hoping to get some feedback, and if nothing else... make some great friends.




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