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... and who won't look at me with that pitying expression—most of us know it well—when I tell them that I am an atheist.

Awwwwww, and he seemed so nice.  I wonder what happened?

Think carefully for a moment; do atheists who get a pitying expression use words that invite it?

Maybe 25 years ago I told a very bright woman that I seem to attract passive women. Without a moment's hesitation she asked me if something in my manner invites such women.


I was ready to see it (no longer needed to deny it) and I saw it. Happily I was doing volunteer work that gave me opportunities to practice new ways to relate.

I must have succeeded because right now I don't remember what I changed. I also no longer have that complaint; I enjoy occasional verbal combat with assertive women.

Hello, I'm Steve. I'm 49 and live in Columbia, Maryland. I haven't been on Atheist Nexus in quite a while. I'd like to meet someone in Central Maryland or who might be interested in eventually relocating to this area. My profile picture is only about a year old. The one below was taken in Prince William Forest Park, a great place to hike south of Washington DC.

Ask me anything...

Hi. Jeff. Been separated for several months, divorcing later this year. I'm on a few dating sites (cuz I'm not much of a partier), and figured atheistnexus might be a place to look. That and I miss the discussions and have a lot more time on my hands, now.

I'm originally from Chicago, recently transplanted to the Nashville area. I like outdoorsy stuff, gardening and farming. I do computers for a living. I have motivations towards off-the-grid living. All kinds of interests. Most notably (because politics seems so popular around here): I've been called a fascist and a radical in the same conversation by the same person. I think my opponent just didn't understand the meanings of the words.



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