Introduce yourself with a little pertinent info and maybe a recent photo.

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I am not in South Carolina but I'm in the south. I'm from Florida. I have a brother that lives in Columbia, SC (and hates it) so I go up there from time to time.
I grew up as a Jehovah's Witness. I rejected that about 6/7 years ago but only started considering myself an atheist a couple years ago. What pulled me out of the spiritual realm was my love of science.
Hi, I'm Brad. I'm 39 years young, I just currently have been layed-off. I live in N.E. Iowa. The truth is I have been married twice and divorced twice, I have a daughter, Bradi, who is 12 years old. After my first divorce I told myself I would never get married again, and well, I went three years single and met a woman who I dated for three years. During that six year period I wasn't in the best state of mind, (side-railed by someone I thought I could trust and loosing my daughter), ALOT of questions I asked myself, mostly about other people.... I didn't get many answers, just more questions, until after my second divorce, when I found the best way to understand others is to first fully understand yourself. In short I no longer mistake lust for love, and realized that understanding is the missing link to fully loving someone, and wit isn't a replacment for wisdom. FYI, my 2 D's were both catholics, ARRRG !, now I know... If there is anything I can elaborate on for anyone please feel free to write. :^)

Thank you Heather, for starting this group.
Hi Brad,

That is the route I'm taking too. Trying to understand my kids Dad makes my head spin. All I can do is understand myself. In that, I am comfortable. :-)
I'm Brandon. I'm 25, I deliver pizzas and I jog. I've never been married and have no kids. I hope to travel more once my house is paid off later this year. That's about it.
however it seems useless for me to write here but i want to introduce myself here too.
first of all my real name is Mehdi and i am from iran because of it for security reasons i won't give more identifying info here. i am an ex-muslim .
i am 26 and atheist since i was 19 years old.
i am single and never married and have no children and don't want have them.
i want to emigrate from Iran whenever i can.
hmmm ... if you have any question please ask.

Hello, Mehdi, I don't think it's useless for you to be here. I admire your intellectual courage. I was in the US Army for almost 12 years, and got out in 1992. I'm glad I did, because I would never want to be involved in any war that is even partly religious.
I love the beautiful natural setting in your photo!
Mehdi, hope this message finds you well. Hope you make it through the new revolution safely, from all of us here.
Hi, My name is Scott. I'm from Texarkana, Tx. I have joint custody of a kick-ass 1 yr old named Ethan.
I enjoy books, music, tv, long walks on the beach, and blasphemy.
Hello everybody,

My name is Zach. I'm 28 years old, currently living in Savannah, GA. I am a writer and I produce a television show to pay the bills. One day I'll probably teach. I have lived in Atlanta, Savannah and New Orleans and I foster a dream of one day moving to Cambridge. I am sarcastic and caustic, but on the inside at my nougat center I believe in things like tolerance and positive reinforcement and bunnies.

I am always single, and I don't expect the internet to remedy that, but I will gladly stand in solidarity with those who are similarly single.

Hey look! There is a picture of me pretending to be a superhero. Maturity abounds.

Hello all,My name is Dara I am a 38 yr old widowed mom of 2 from NJ.I was raised Lutheran but realized very early on that I didnt believe what everyone else around me did,I continued to fake it for years or just stay quiet on the subject until my husband died and my daughter was diagnosed with a brain tumor and I was bombared with "god doesnt give you more than you can handle".."when god closes a door he opens another " blah blah blah...I finally spoke up and let everyone know exactly where I stand.Mt family and friends are ok with it but I still havent come out openly to aquaintences like other parents because I am affraid my kids will be left out of things.
My husband has been gone 3 years now and I am ready to move on but it is hard to find someone who isnt religious hoping to meet friends and maybe more on here :) As I mentioned I am a single mom ,I have 2 girls aged 4 & 7 I love movies (prefer indies but open to all genres) I love music (not rap and country though) I like browsing bookstores with a big coffee,going to the beach etc.
I try to compensate for the lack of community as a life long non-church goer too. My two kids are 3 and 8. I tried going to a Universal Unitarian fellowship. Their credo is "accept all" so there are a lot of atheist, agnostics there, but it still felt..... fake to me. I think we are in need of a decade of coming out for atheists. Then we can band together in public!
Hi there folks, stuck in the bible belt and woefully tired of losing people I love to religion or some other manner of fantastic thinking. Nice to find that a site like this is around and I look forward to meeting you all.


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