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Hello, I'm Joe B. and I'm 29. Damn this is starting out to feel like AA. I'm Joe and I'm an evil atheist. Well I live in a small town in NW Arkansas where my kind is very rare. I'm viewed as a curiosity by my friends, who make it their mission to change me whenever they get drunk or stoned. I manage a small business and work about any job that comes my way. Over the last couple years I've also worked as a DJ and as a process server. I love discussing philosophy, current events, religion or damn near any other subject that pops into my head. I also love music. My ipod is filled with any type of music you can think of and I'm getting ready for Wakarusa, which has moved to my hometown this summer. I am also a full-time student and ex-Army.

My name is Micheal, I was born in Uganda and have lived here in Uganda for all my life,am now 30 yrs.I have a girlfriend who is roman catholic,she trys her best to understand me but am sure her parents will never let me marry her.She knows that am Atheist.I have been atheist for long now. Although i have stood with the GLBT movements in Uganda and somehow people called me gay for my involvement,am not. I have two blogs if you wish to read them.

I enjoy many things including travel and i cant do enough of it,i enjoy reading books,music,meeting people,politics,discussing issues in an atheistic perspective.

Thank u
Hello everyone. My name is Emily. I am 41 years old and I live in Nashville, TN. I am new to the Atheist community and I am wondering what took me so long! A very close friend of mine I guess you can say showed me the light. Anyhow, I am happy to be here I hope I can meet some nice intelligent men here. I have tons of interests some since childhood and some newer. Feel free to ask me anything =)
Hello. I'm Brian. I'm 31, live in Modesto, CA. Never been married (and probably never will since I don't need the state to sanction my relationships) with no kids. I like music, movies, mostly city things. My interests include history, philosophy, MMA (UFC type events), science, etc.

I am not a typical woman..

I entered a competition to win a trip into space ... I didn't win, but at least I tried..

I have many interests: Watching all sports (especially cricket - I love it) but also F1, Rugby, Golf, Tennis, Boxing.. most sports, I also love history (especially military), eating out (I love all food: Fine cheeses, Indian (HOT), steak, offal.. you name it!), cycling, walking, swimming, gym, socialising - I love meeting people from all walks of life, reading, movies, travel (I've been to a few places in Europe (Rome, Paris, Lisbon, Amsterdam) & The USA, Tunisia, Egypt, Kenya and India), science fiction (and yes.. I like Star Trek :D), cooking (I make a mean Thai green curry), wine, beer, cryptic crosswords, chess, the sciences: love evolutionary science and genetics and all that stuff, theoretical, particle and astro physics (just as a layman I don't do equations for fun!), theatre, music, gin and tonic, animals and nature, general geekery D&D etc in my earlier days, computer games (still love Unreal Tournament GOTY! Love FPS, Also a big Tomb Raider fan and like Risk 2 (sad I know))and...Call of Duty 5 - totally addicted to playing on xbox live!, Real Ale..... Basiclally I'm interested in pretty much anything and everything really :) Always willing to learn about new things and pick up new hobbies and interests..

I don't go in for shopping, soap operas/reality t.v., shoes, chick flicks or buy women's magazines (The Wisden Cricketer, Empire & New Scientist for me..)

How would I describe myself? Witty, intelligent, outgoing, easy going, fun, energetic, I like to laugh and to make people laugh, punctual, reliable, loyal, loving, I can adapt: be part of a crowd or enjoy a one on one.

Sometimes I'm a party animal and sometimes just fancy a quiet night in or a day at the test match.. sat in the sun beer in doesn't get much better...

Some of my favourite films (in no particular order): The Lord of the Rings trilogy, Master & Commander, Jaws, The Thing, The Godfather, Lawrence of Arabia, The Shawshank Redemption, Alien, Saving Private Ryan, Raiders of the Lost Ark

TV: I don't watch much tv but I like: House, The Wire, Californication, Whose Line Is It Anyway, Lost, Friends, Frasier, Curb Your Enthusiasm

Music: Boccerhini to Bowie... my tastes are too wide to list.

Sportsmen I admire: Roger Federer, Lewis Hamilton, Alastair Cook, Chris Hoy

Who I'd Invite to a dinner party: Barack Obama, Stephen Fry, Richard Dawkins, Sir David Attenborough, Michio Kaku
Yeah you had to write about what you thought was the world's best patented invention
hi the Names Ryan and im here looking to find a female who shares my interest and maybe my musical habits. i'm 18 years young. and i start college in the fall for music. ive been a freethinker most of my life but growing up in the south you can only Imagen the resistance i get for speaking my mind. but non-the less i speak what i have to say. and i also enjoy playing music and have multiple music projects suck as my band (mars blue i'm not to complicated when i date i tend to look for personality other than looks. i love debate and i love a woman who can speak her own mind. ive never been married so therefore never been divorced lol.

i hope i interest somebody
Age: 41. Though I'm not sure how that happened - I still get carded and listen to more heavy metal now than I did in high school.

Location: American Southwest. That's not me being vague; I work seasonal jobs wherever they take me. Currently a Park Ranger in Page AZ/Lake Powell. Likely returning to Taos Ski Valley NM for the Winter.

Me in a nutshell: Scifi geek, neo-hippy, bleeding heart liberal, tree-hugger, but with a very sarcastic, slightly dark and twisted side. INTP.

- Sooooo not a girly-girl. I can't remember the last time I wore a dress and the only way I'll spend half a day shopping is if it involves electronics and/or motorcycle parts.

- The closest thing I have or will ever have to kids are my 2 kittens, who have been raised more like dogs (play fetch, go for walks with me, fed on raw meat bones). And the snake, who doubles as HDTV for cats.

- My satellite radio is almost always on a Classic Rock station, sometimes 80s or 80s new wave. The MP3 player also contains some electronic/industrial, gothic, Native/New Age and a contemporary indie artist or three.

- Not a big socialite at all (perhaps why I'm still single - just not running into enough people?). I do love to play outdoors and need to do so more often.

- Not a supermodel but not hard to look at either. I take care of myself and clean the engine grease from under my nails when I go out in public. ;-)

So where are the guys? 6+ billion people on this planet. One or three of them must surely be a (very non-smoking) guy thinking to himself, "Gee, where are all the brainiac, hippy-esque, gypsy-adventurer, slightly geeky, scifi, rocker chicks more into jeans than heels?"


lol i think its funny cause i don't get carded and i turn 19 soon lol
I love when 20-somethings roll their eyes and get so irritated about getting carded. Then 30 hits and you're celebrating each time it happens. ;-)
indeed lol
cute picture by the way *points to the picture above*
I know just what you mean. I am over 50 and it always makes me smile. USA is just ridiculous about this, though.




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