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I am he who calls himself Dionysus. Originally from New York, lived in Jersey for five years and I've been in Florida for about 9 months. I'm not sure why but I seem to be moving south. I love literature, have a fascination for the "beat generation" and I'm a big Hunter Thompson enthusiast (is that a legitimite hobby?) I love classic Jazz, i.e. Charlie Parker, Duke Ellington, etc and lots of modern alternative, i.e. 30 seconds to Mars, Breaking Benjamin, Nickelback. I'm a life long skeptic, atheist, obnoxious persuer of truth, justice and the American way! And... most importantly I think objectivity is a lie, yes... a lie! But even that's subjective. LOL! I don't really think I'll meet anyone on this but I seem to love the idea of "going through the motions". I guess it's that primitive need for ritual. I've spent most of my life working as an accountant but I still do believe there's some hope for me. I've never been married, haven't had children, haven't served in the military, have no idea if this is relavant for anyone but I saw some other people list these things and I thought I'd do the same.
I'm Phil, 24, atheist, all around geek, (which seems to be a trend here) and yep you guessed it single. I'm also pretty much a goof ball although not all the time. I cook very well. I brew my own beer and hot sauce. At work I do tech support over the phone for professional Canon cameras. So, I know my way around a camera, just wish that most of the "Professional" photographers that called in did too. I was born in South Africa but I've been here in Virginia for most of my life. I wish there were some more intelligent athiest chicks down here. The pickings are slim.

Well that's a decent enough sell I guess. Nice to meet you all.
I've just decided that when I can afford a decent camera, I should ask you for advice. :)

Sorry to hear that it's hard to find intelligent atheist women there; it's hard to find intelligent atheist men here.

hi the Names Ryan and im here looking to find a female who shares my interest and maybe my musical habits. i'm 18 years young. and i start college in the fall for music. ive been a freethinker most of my life but growing up in the south you can only Imagen the resistance i get for speaking my mind. but non-the less i speak what i have to say. and i also enjoy playing music and have multiple music projects suck as my band (mars blue i'm not to complicated when i date i tend to look for personality other than looks. i love debate and i love a woman who can speak her own mind. ive never been married so therefore never been divorced lol.

i hope i interest somebody

Have to say, I for one love your morning hair!
lol thanks its a art form
Elizabeth, you seem wonderful. If I still lived in Florida I would head over to your bar for a cold one!

Hey everyone! Eric here, 45yo/s&s/nm! Currently livin' in Houston. Fairly new to the Nexus fam and am finding I'm not as alone as I thought in openly celebrating the nontheist beliefs. What I do? a lil bit of everything, what I want, when I want. What I like is knowledge and truths. Love to listen but not good at followin'. Lookin' for like minded friends. Especially if ur local.

My name is Mare, from Western MA. I don't think I really fit into any category.
I would love nothing more than to find a compatible man to spend time with. Maybe together we can find a category to fit into? I never married, and am not big on breeding...I have no children besides the dog and cats. It has taken me a long time to settle down within myself.
Obviously, I am single and looking....if it is of importance to anyone: 5' 7", thin build, 133#-ish, not an athelete, but I think about being more active! :)'s much more enjoyable with someone.
Anyway, it has been a challenge dealing with believers within the dating world. Does one "86" a person based on belief or lack there of? I, for one, cannot take someone seriously knowing that they believe in the bible/god. It is something that runs deep, always has.

It is a comfort to know I am not alone, truly alone, by finding you all here :) Peace and Thanks!!!!
I may have that needle ;)
Happy thoughts ... ok ... um ... if Yellowstone blows and causes just the right domino effect of earthquakes, everything between Oregon and Southern Utah/Arizona could fall into the center of the earth and the planet squeezes together to close the gap, thus putting our locales right next to each other, thus we'd be within commuting distance to go on a date.

Or, someone from this group might go on vacation where someone else on this group lives and the date could happen that way. Although not nearly so colorful or interesting as that first scenario.
chuckle, I'm WA state so I guess I'd be ok with this scenario!


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