Introduce yourself with a little pertinent info and maybe a recent photo.

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Happy thoughts ... ok ... um ... if Yellowstone blows and causes just the right domino effect of earthquakes, everything between Oregon and Southern Utah/Arizona could fall into the center of the earth and the planet squeezes together to close the gap, thus putting our locales right next to each other, thus we'd be within commuting distance to go on a date.

Or, someone from this group might go on vacation where someone else on this group lives and the date could happen that way. Although not nearly so colorful or interesting as that first scenario.
chuckle, I'm WA state so I guess I'd be ok with this scenario!

My name ia Alan, I am 24 years old and I live in Washington state. I am in the military, I have been been addicted to skepticism for 24 years.
Ha! I think that's the best reason I've ever heard for not dating a religious person. So true...
"Strolleratti" That is awesome!

Nothing against people with kids - I do enjoy borrowing their offspring for a few hours at a time here and there. But there are those of us for whom the idea of having kids of our own is a nightmare.
Hello, I am 36 and from Baltimore, MD. I play drums in a local cover band, I love to play poker and read a lot. I have never been married or had kids.
Hmmm my profile pic is just about as recent as it gets (drinking tea sitting on a ball in my new apartment, sorry it's a bit blurry, my friend isn't very good at that :P ). Pertinent info? Ummm, 28, married to and divorced from a devout christian, back in school for a science degree, and looking to spend some time with people who don't believe that a sky-daddy is watching them fool around :P
Hello Everyone,
I'm Brooks, its my last name but I've been Brooks since I was a kid and I'll probably always be Brooks. I'm 34 and live in Louisville, KY and work as an IT manager.

I have a few close friends who are non beleivers but almost everyone else I know are christians. I was raised Catholic until around 10 or 11 when my parents gave me the choice to go or not. I've never been married and have no kids.

I like the outdoors ,especially music festivals like Bonnaroo. In my free time I try to go see as much live music as I can. If the suns out and the musics good, all the rest alwaysl falls into place.
Well, there are only like 7 people from Rhode Island on here, and they're all men, but why not?

My name is John Garbecki, and I'm a twenty-two, soon to be twenty-three, year old college student. I'm currently studying philosophy and psychology.

I enjoy music and books, as generalized as I'm sure that seems. And. . .That's it, I guess.
Hey, at least there are people from your state, and women on your end of the country. I'm starting to wonder if I'm the only female atheist in the Southwestern U.S. I'd have expected a lot of people here from Southern California at least!
Oddly enough it seemed like there were a few people from Oregon...
Hi, my name is Will. Im new here on Atheist Nexus, although Ive been an active, outspoken (too much so, according to some) atheist for many years. Just 'escaped' a long-term relationship with a mormon, and being an atheist constantly stuck around such a close-minded group of people was hard, to say the least! Im a plumber/pipefitter, and in my spare time I enjoy fishing, diving, hiking, ocean kayaking and drinking beer, and way too many other things to list. Ive never been married, and have no children, and I don't plan to.



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