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The first movie was a lot of ramble regarding economy and politics. This movie however, is thoughtful, provoking and affects you because it brings up today problems in a today world, and actually attempts to offer you a solution which is very uncommon in any sort of "economcal" anthropology, which I guess best describes it. Now, you might wonder whether it may come off as propaganda or Conspiracy Theory. Yes, it does touch those subjects but the testimony of the economical hitman was very convincing, and definitely made it sound far less like proganda. A friend of mine today suggested that Marxism and Communism has already attempted a few times to remove the monetary system and it failed. I am not well read enough with either topic to say whether he is right or wrong... Regardless, this movie offers something which we all could find something worth striving for, and definitely gives a solution to many of current world problems.




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