And need some ideas. I've come to a part where I want to list all the reasons why atheists are so happy.

It's both humorous and serious, so all suggestions will be taken.

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To me fire and brimstone has more to do with cooking and chemistry than it does with what happens to you after death.
To look at life like Voltaire, Suetonius, R. A. Wilson and Bukowski. And Eco to an extent. But most of all Diogenes -

"In a rich man's house there is no place to spit but his face."

“What I like to drink most is wine that belongs to others.”

I shit on your beliefs. But only because your beliefs deserve shitting on. Your fault, not mine.

We are happy because we are free to show contempt.
I don't know the source -

"We're here for a good time, not a long time"
The source is a song by the rock band Trouper. I went to school with some of the guys in the band when I was growing up in beautiful British Columbia.
There is no god watching your every move because that is just creepy.
i agree...I don't have to go to church and listen to their same old shit week after week,year after year.
i can do what I want on Sunday..I don't have to throw money at a church. No man in the sky watching me and taking notes.
No heaven or hell to worry about...And I can think for myself.
I don't have an iron age Jiminy Cricket on my shoulder judging everything I do.

I don't have to worry about sin, I can think about ethics instead.

Dogma does not prevent me from reducing suffering.

Fun can be guiltless if it's harmless.

I know my time here is precious so I don't waste it.

I'm free to be responsible for my actions.
Thanks guys, I'm getting tons of great ideas. Keep 'em coming. :)
You get to make jokes about all religions, not just the ones you don't belong to.
how bout a reverse pacal's wage

If their is a god you get to die and forced to worship him day and night forever in heaven but dont worry your "evil" will be gone and you wont know any better and thats all you wanna do.....FOREVER and EVER and EVER.................................,
But if they is no god you just wasted your whole life so far on a false belief about a non-exsitent god,
If you give up your silly notion of a god you may finally start to learn more stuff, make some difference in the world and finally start enjoying your life much more for a change because you realise its the only one you got and how lucky you are to be alive in the first place.

-probally needs to be shorten but hey this is an athiest version of a pascal's wager and we dont do it half ass without any thought put into it!!!
I no longer have any empathetic guilt over things outside of my control. If someone dies because a hurricane came through their town, while tragic, my empathy isn't overshadowed by the "why would god let this happen" I know that both good and bad things happen without a reason (as defined as "gods plan") if gods plan was to kill a large quantity of people for no reason other than to stress economies and create unnecessary suffering, I would hate to see plan B
When you're looking at the here and now instead of focused on a non-existent prize you can enjoy the things around you and appreciate them for the fleeting precious things they are.




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