And need some ideas. I've come to a part where I want to list all the reasons why atheists are so happy.

It's both humorous and serious, so all suggestions will be taken.

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I think you should note that, for the most part, atheists are happy for exactly the same reasons as everyone else.
Free your mind and the rest will follow.

It's amazing how much happier you can be when you don't spend your life worrying about how to please an impossible to please skydaddy, and always feeling guilty because you're a "sinner" who is incapable of remaining without sin.
I am not happy. I worry every day about dying. I wish I could believe in an afterlife. I don't understand why I'm doing all this shit every day for when it will end up as nothing in the end and no one will remember, and that I won't even exist anymore. What's the point?

There are two sides to every story.
The way I look at it is that when I die, I wont feel pain, I wont feel guilt, I wont feel boredom, I wont feel anxiety, I wont feel sick, I won't have bad memories, I won't feel like I am missing anything that I cherish, I wont feel anguish, I wont feel like I have to worry about where my next meal is coming from, I wont feel depression, I won't feel nauseated, I wont feel lonely.

Many things that I do are so that I can feel secure and prepared for tomorrow. People often work in shit jobs when they don't need to. and some work to pay the bills they will never pay off. If you are concerned about what useless things you are doing. Then you are no longer living for yourself. You need to examine everything you do.

I work to make sure my rent is paid and to make sure that I put food on the table. My job is very simple. I don't do things like balance books, sell useless garbage that people don't want. I volunteer for things because I care for people, and it gives me a chance to stay in touch with people; kind of why some people go to church.

Live simple so that you can live more freely. when you do that, you will also be making peoples lives better by placing demands on resources that people have to survive on.

I don't worry about how people remember me when I go, thought I do like the thought that I have helped make peoples lives better beyond the grave.



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