Since the early age of 12 I been questioning my family's beliefs (Catholic). Curious questions such as.. If "god" created everythig, did something create "God"? Even the nices people that don't believe in "God" still go to Hell?.. But never got a legitimate answer.. My mother would always say "your just like your father". Back then I didn't know that my father was an Atheist. For some reason I never questioned why he was never going to church. My father and I got real close after that.. The answes to my questions made sense.. A month after I turned 13 my father and mother filed for divorce.. My father moved out.. My mother hated it when i would bring up my "Atheist logic".. Still going to church i still questioned more than before.. Mother felt embarrassed bringing me with her to church.. Always comparing me and my other brothers and sisters. Soon after that she began leaving me at home.. My brothers would pick on me saying im going to hell mother would not intervening in her words "well its true" i started to distance myself.. When i was 16 my mother over heard my brothers and i arguing i called them fools for believing in fairy tale shit.. Mother rushed in and said "if you think they are fools for believing in the lord and the bible than i must be a fool in your eyes too" I was speechless.. She kicked me out that night.. . My mother and I didnt talk to eachother for almost 6 years.. I later found out that my father always called her a fool for her beliefs so she was sensitive about that word. I apologized. She never apologize for kicking me out. I explained that I was upset. We talk now but she still "prays" for me. Which I don't like but whatever.. I haven't seen her since i left.. I still wonder how can a religious woman treat her own son this way? was questioning her religion worth losing my family? Is it ok for her to choose her beliefs over her son? I have never regretted my thoughts but i have questioned them.. I havent met many Atheist so far so sometimes I do feel alone in what i believe.. I do apologize if I said to much.. thank you for taking the time to read this.. .

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I think your mother's reaction and behavior towards you is all too typical. You are not alone. Many people are ostracized by their family because their family would rather ensure their place in heaven than love a heathen. You should be proud that despite the circumstances, you have not fallen prey to the lies and deceits of religion.

As far as meeting other atheists, be sure to check out possible meet-up groups in your area, either via this site, craig's list or Best to you.
that's rough. It's not near as bad with my mom. I guess she sees your belief as some sort of personal attack. Just from simply saying that you are an atheist might seem like an attack to a xtian. I've learned this by observing reactions. Being an atheist is so foreign that it angers xtians. Older people can't understand what a calm debate about religion could be. If you disagree, it's war. What happened with your family is tragic, and i bet it hurts. I've experienced just a little backlash from family, and it sucks. Family or not, i can't understand why people think that someone's belief is more important than a lifetime of positive deeds. Amazing. Sorry to say this, but a religious mind lacks alot of common sense.




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