I couldn't. I've never had a relationship with a woman who was very religious. I think it would be a constant source of disagreement. OTOH, Darwin was married to a religious woman for most of his life, so it does happen. What has been your experience?

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I wouldn't mind dating a religious person, as long as (s)he didn't try to 'convert' me and/or show any kind of fanaticism, or try to impose his/her lifestyle on me. However, I guess our 'philosophical differences' could eventually bring some troubles over time, especially if that other person is fond of attending a lot of rituals instead of spending time with me. ;)
I could. As long as my boyfriend new I that I was all knowing and all powerful and he worshipped me in this life and in the next life as well! lol

oh hellllll naw!

I can barely tolerate highly religious people, much less date one. I remember once going out on a date with this one dude who knew I was an atheist upfront and he proceeded to tell me on our first (and only) date that the world was going to end and just had to look at the signs around me! Yeah, I never talked with that man again!
Theist are nothing if not entertaining!
I dated a Lutheran before. He was a great person but his belief kept getting in the way. I used to go to church with him and even took bible study to try to understand his faith. I couldn't help but think it was all ridiculous. He even wanted his parents to believe he was still a virgin and he was in his late 20s. We had many issues and most of them had to do with his religion.
My ex-wife was very catholic. Her beliefs did present a source of friction, but the one thing that I found amusing was that I knew more about the bible than she did.
Nope. Couldn't date someone highly religious, might be able to date someone nominally religious, but don't know, have never tried before. Last several guys I dated were non-believers, prior ones the subject never came up.
I don't think I could. The only exception I see is someone who never talks about their beliefs and respects the value of science.
I tend to lose all interest if someone even claims any sort of religious belief. I want to be able to share ideas with them and I can't do that if they just keep professing irrationality.
Religion isn't so different than the other mind numbing addictions we humans fall prey to (drugs, alcohol, video games).
I'd prefer not to date a person with ANY of these vices, however of these four, non-fanatic theism would be my first choice.

I believe in freedom of religion and love people who have great imaginations.

Whether a highly religious person could date me, that, I doubt.
As we speak, I'm seeing this from a disturbingly different angle.

A close friend of mine, one of the biggest influences in my being brave enough to come out of the Atheistic closet and mock religion without shame, has now done a 180 and is a Catholic, chastising me for my Atheism and rudeness in voicing it out loud.

Why the change? He married a Catholic.

As I got to know him he asked me out a lot. A very dear friend but A) the chemistry 'it' just wasn't there for me and B) I got the feeling he molds himself to the likes/dislikes of whatever woman he's trying to get with.

It seems now that B is confirmed. 'Religiously Pussy Whipped' is the term I believe I'm looking for.

Sorry guys, but no matter how hot you are, no matter how much I lust after you in every other way, no matter how much we may be soul mates in every other way, I will not sacrifice my core beliefs to get laid or married.
Me neither. Well, laid maybe. No, on second thought, that's too much work.

Atheist adults who get religion are just weak-minded. I've met one or two like that. No self-respect at all.
I remember reading what is ultimately a sad story. Mark Twain (yes, that famous American writer and humorist), an atheist, was married to a woman who just radiated positive energy and also was very religious. He clearly loved her. Throughout their marriage Mark argued with his wife about the existence of God, and one day finally convinced her that there was no God. But when that happened, his wife became depressed, because her whole life had been built around that idea. She felt her life was now empty, meaningless. Later in hindsight Mark regretted what he had done, because after he had succeeded in persuading his wife, he felt he had simultaneously lost his wife because his wife was no longer the woman he had married. He could not figure out how to bring the old positive wife back. I think his wife was depressed for the remainder of her life.
It might help if there were overlapping values in common outside of religion to help glue the relationship together, and the more other values in common, the more solid the relationship as a whole might be. I've read that every relationship has landmines that both parties eventually learn not to touch, whether consciously or unconsciously. That can involve money, religion, and/or other issues.
Still, it's sad to think that anyone's self-esteem might be so deeply rooted in mythology that they would give up when they had to face reality.

Sad, but not at all surprising to me.


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