I couldn't. I've never had a relationship with a woman who was very religious. I think it would be a constant source of disagreement. OTOH, Darwin was married to a religious woman for most of his life, so it does happen. What has been your experience?

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Still, it's sad to think that anyone's self-esteem might be so deeply rooted in mythology that they would give up when they had to face reality.

Sad, but not at all surprising to me.
Never again, not even just for sex, not even if she was mind-bogglingly hot.
I don't mind mind-boggling sex, I'll take that anytime. I'd generally still say no to a relationship with such a person, but for recreation, just an afternoon or evening, sure, why not? What's the harm? To me it's no more sinful than eating a bowl of vanilla ice cream, except that you're burning calories instead of adding them, and the memories last a lot longer because such experiences don't come everyday.
My view may be influenced by the fact that I once had a really incredible hot date with a guy who was really into Jesus, and I've never forgotten it. The fireworks that night were like "wow!". I still mentally feed off that memory on occasion, and I absolutely don't regret that it ever happened.
Theist yes. A girl can believe in a god, and I'd have no problem with that. But highly religious? Doubt it. I am WAY too disrespectful of the illogic of religious practices for any long term relationship with a true believer to work.
OTOH, Darwin was married to a religious woman for most of his life, so it does happen.

BTW, what's "OTOH"?
OTOH=On The Other Hand
Thanks, Frank! :-)

Back to the main topic of this wall:

Even if I'd generally say no to such a relationship, as I said above, if something to my surprise did start clicking initially, I'd possibly bend over backwards at first to see how far such a relationship could go. I don't have much long term dating experience to begin with, so I'd want to milk the experience as much as possible for what I could learn from it. I don't always know if I'll be strong enough to say no to a religious person. But I'd be honest about where I stood, and if the other person took it the wrong way, then my guess is that it'd then be very easy to walk away.

Recently, about 2 months ago or so, a local ordained gay priest wanted to set up a date with me, but I felt absolutely no physical attraction for him at all, so it was very easy to immediately decide to say no to this person. I met him only because I had attended a picnic of the local chapter of PFLAG (Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays), which in my county meets inside a church and seems to be led by religious folks, even though PFLAG itself is as far as I know supposed to be a secular group. In my county PFLAG is one of the few ways to meet gays outside of bars.
I thought this article might be of interest to the folks here who have responded to the question on this Wall.

"I'm an atheist surrounded by Catholics: I try to go along but it's hard concealing my beliefs"
I couldn't. I have had many relationships with guys who are believers, and recently got out of my only past relationship with a fellow atheist. Things just work out SO much better when your core beliefs match, religiously and also politically.
I couldn't. I've had friendships with religious people but I could never date one but then again, it rarely comes up in conversation with me. But I don't think I could.
Simply put: No, no I could not.


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