When looking through various arguments about ethics and morals I've noticed two modes of thought. There seems to be those that view morality in absolutes, for example the Consistant LIfe Ethic. This sort of thinking seems to be opposed by those that think that morality is circumstantial, take a look at some of the pro-choice arguments(i.e. rape, incest, birth defects, etc.) for example.

Should moraliity be absolute or circumstantial? Why? Is morality based on circumstance hypocritical? Why? Is morality based on absolutes hypocritical? Why?

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Sorry to hear about your experience as a kid.

Rape is one of those things that I would think is something that as far as measuring how bad it is depends very heavily on the circumstance and of course the person getting raped. I could see that there are times when it is just a nuisance, but I certainly cant be the one to quantify it.

Murder itself is something that also can vary. If it is a mercy killing and the person wants to be killed, it is still murder. If you kill somebody that is constantly causing fear and is likely to kill somebody, than that maybe justifiable. How someobody is killed also should factor.

There is more to this but I am leaving work. :-)
Tedster: Sorry to hear about your experience as a kid.

Like I said, get over it and move on. My non-theistic concept of forgiveness - cease having anything to do with, let them broil in their own shallow personal self actuated hells. Watch their life turn to shit from a distance and gloat. Thats what I did. No one can make themselves more miserable than they themselves. Rotten people are never happy people, except for maybe Dick Cheney. If the law gets them and gives them hard time, that's just a bonus.
Yeah, I have taken similar approaches to problems that I had with other people. I tend to think that most people who do wrong are often a product of their earlier surroundings both old and new. When I get fucked over, I do get pissed off for a while, but then there is a period where, as you said, get over it and move on. Not doing that is really bad for your own mental health.
True, but that depends on how you define things.

Is it murder whenever you kill another person, or is it only murder when you don't have a good reason to kill them?(mercy, self defense, etc.)

Also, is rape it's own catagory or is it a specific sort of sex act(harmful one)?
This is why the importance of understanding propaganda cannot be underestimated. It should be a mandatory component of history and english in all schools. If it was brought in, as planned 80 years ago, politics as we know it would be a different beast.
That's very true, but don't forget they help define the actions we bullshit ourselves into taking. That's why it's important to know what your opinions are, then take a closer look and understand why.

When you get down to it just about everything outside of eat, sleep, and fuck is either something one of us made up or something some of us made. Take a look at money for example. What is it really? A piece of paper, chunks of metal, numbers recorded at the bank....Yet look at the control it has over so many lives.
Circumstantial. No question about it. That's absolute!
I'm a rational ius naturalist (as a law student, I'm almost forced to make the choice between naturalism or positivism :P); I consider obvious that there are common laws that we all share, but those laws should be applied case by case. People agree in certain basic issues, like "homicide=bad", "equality=good", but not in stuff "killing a terrorist=good". Those "absolutes" are veery basic and limited in number, most things are circumstantial.
But I do thing that there are things that should be "fixed" in other spheres, like, say, the Constitution. "Absolutes" in Law give certainty about what the real consequences of our acts will be in a certain law order (depending of the country, or international laws). Without that certainty things would be crazy D:, and that's why law certainty is an universal right.
I with you. Except I don't think of as that's life as you put it. It is something to reckon with, and we have to challence the inderance and suppression every step of the way.
Hey, funk, I think that we have a similar idea of how the world should be. I am under know great illusion that I will get to wake up to see that everybody is singing Kumbaya and living in a communal society.

But I am also somebody who believes that we should not assume that the ideal society will never happen or else it will become a self fulfilling prophecy. If we push for a better society, people will at least be familiar with a more truly democratic society rather than the faux democracy that we have now.
Tedster: everybody is singing Kumbaya

Our rugby team used to get trashed and sing -

"Kumbaya you motherfucker, kumbaya"

It fits lyrically. I wish someone would cover it. Non-musical myself.
It is another topic, but I don't think we should argue until were blue in the face. Not to mention that we will never truely know what to expect in the future. My main point was that we shouldn't assume that something won't happen so we shouldn't try.

Meanwhile, I have felch's version of Kumbaya in my head but that has nothing to do with you :-)



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