T-shirt idea (be warned if u are offended by naughty language)

I always wanted to make a T-shirt for girls that says "Jesus" on the front with a picture of him on the cross looking all wiry ripped as usual,
and oh the backside "... I'd fuck him"

that way you can get into a crowd with a bunch of protesting Christians and cause internal mayhem :)

Sorry, I'm a jerk.

Any other fun T-shirt ideas?

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Seems like there was a story awhile back about an atheist getting assaulted by Christians for having a sticker on the back window of his truck saying "fuck the skull of Jesus." I remember thinking at the time that this could be interesting on a t-shirt.
Wouldn't one need to find it first? Sorry if I've spoiled that for you. ;-)
If you are going into a crowd of protesting xtians anyway, you might as well get guys to wear the "I'd fuck him" shirt, too.

I made some fliers once that said "What if Jesus had AIDS?" Even being aware of transubstantiation thing, I'm not sure why catholics were so pissed off.
Now I am really starting to enjoy the idea of entering a crowd of rabid Christians engaged in some sort of protest while wearing such a shirt and trying to get on camera with it. The beat-down at the hands of all those "good Christians" would be worth it.
I've got to get some of these.
I think you'd appreciate this site as well:


particularly this:

lol- my fave is "3667 days since I last gave a shit" :)
I hadn't seen that one, but they used to have one of him on the cross with a big smile, caption reading, "Jesus did it for the chicks."
Sure, why not? Everyone loves blasphemy!

I'd totally wear it and I don't even do that usually.

Though, maybe it should just be the picture on front and "I'd fuck him", I don't really think backside slogans are ever as good.
you are a negative person..

I like that...

i mean.. HI!




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