T-shirt idea (be warned if u are offended by naughty language)

I always wanted to make a T-shirt for girls that says "Jesus" on the front with a picture of him on the cross looking all wiry ripped as usual,
and oh the backside "... I'd fuck him"

that way you can get into a crowd with a bunch of protesting Christians and cause internal mayhem :)

Sorry, I'm a jerk.

Any other fun T-shirt ideas?

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Hi ya.

We are so flawed as specimens.

Don't cha think?
How about a picture of Jesus in a compromising position with a small child and underneath it write, "Jesus loves the little children. All the children of the world."

Hehe : )

My boyfriend came up with that one.
He's making me give him credit...
I like it. I'd be proud to wear it around Catholics.
How about, "Thank God, it's Friday!!"

(it's not like the planet would suffer)
i always wanted a huge tattoo on my rib cage of jesus up side down on the cross with his inside falling out and all that kool stuff

but my wife wouldent let me get 666 on the front of the boiler of my train tattoo so im pretty sure the jesus thing is out of the qustion

i gotta keep her happy
vjack: Seems like there was a story awhile back about an atheist getting assaulted by Christians for having a sticker on the back window of his truck saying "fuck the skull of Jesus." I remember thinking at the time that this could be interesting on a t-shirt.

That originated [*] in Usenet's alt.tasteless newsgroup in the early 90's and has subsequently been hijacked [**] by many "tasteless" wannabe's and their online junk shops. It was from a thread on the most tasteless t-shirt possible.

On a related note, in that same thread, I proposed a modest "Jesus is a cunt" t-shirt. I was quite pleasantly surprised close to a decade later at an AC/DC concert - I counted no less 20 monkey-see-monkey-doers in the exact same mass produced version of a "Jesus is a cunt shirt".

[*] - Link: there are earlier references than this. Go dig for 'em yourself.

[**] - as have many, many other things over the years - Trey Parker and Matt Stone, I'm looking at you. Don't tell me you guys have never lurked in a.t
I once said on another site "Jesus is gay. He got nailed by a couple of roman soldiers.". I think that would work for a t-shirt.
Oh I would just love to see the reactions to people if somebody wore one.
I saw a bumper sticker a while back that read

"Jesus is dead.
Get over it"

I would not mind that on a t shirt.

Also a "Zombie Jesus" one !




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