About 20 years ago, my friend's crusty old Lutheran grandfather told me that you should never go fishing with a Baptist because he would drink all of your beer. On the other hand, if you go fishing with more than one Baptist, neither of them will touch the stuff and you will have all the beer to yourself.

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Baptist chicks are the easiest, dirtiest roots. Because its "our special secret". I have friends that that scour Baptist, Mormon, Pentacostal groups purely for the sex, of which there is no short supply.

I have no stomach for that. I'd rather get a hooker. Far more honest and ethical.

Religion and hypocracy. Like strawberries and cream.
funk Q: Most other Baptists I have met are lebians - I don't know the relevance.

Most Baptists I have met are ugly - I don't know the relevance.
You started it. What's are "lebians" anyway ?
Lol, sounds like growing up I come from a Irish Catholic but more raised Episcopalian, so the beer was more "every man for himself"




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