im new to this site, i found it on accident on the internet, and im just wondering what it is all about and the main goal of it is, im also a member of the Richard Dawkins website, but for some reason this seems more...comfortable

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Connect non-believers with other non believers, be a central online "hub", and generally talk about the state of being an atheist wherever you may happen to be.

At least that's how I see this place.
I'd go with that.

This place is more about the people, other sites are more about the content.
alrighty, thank you
I do it in the raw. You'll probably find a lot of godless souls here that don't even like the term atheist (like me). Its more of a freethinkers playground, how to be a god free and ethical human being and how being god free affects your existance. You'd be hard pressed to find a topic that's verboten (apart from the obvious - spam, pr0n, saving our corrupt souls for our own good etc.).

Have a browse around the forum and the user groups, you'll find somewhere you will feel at home. 99.9% of the populace here are genuinely nice people. I'm probably one of the assholes, but I have other stuff to worry about. Like why Sarah Palin STILL won't send me any nude photos...

Anyway, welcome and enjoy.
Let me know if ya get any Palin nudes!!!
It's all of the things that the posters before have said. I think our 'vision' is that all of the atheist organizations around the world will eventually join and use Nexus as a point where they can network and organize campaigns that extend beyond their own boundaries.

Of course, the social aspect is terrific, but we can use Nexus for political purposes too. It's a rallying point for atheists.




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