I was in youth and worship ministry for years before coming to the conclusion that the Bible is a truly horrific book and the whole system is irrational. My wife and I are both very relieved to be freethinkers, but most of our friends are strong believers in Christianity and we have almost given up a relationship with everyone we have come out to. This has made me hesitant to come out all the way.

Can anyone else relate?


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Im not one but i've read some ex minister storys on other sites, try looking around.
Certainly a unique situation you are in, Joseph. I'd love to hear more about your experiences.

I worked as a camp counselor at a YMCA summer retreat when I was a teenager. At that time, Christianity was very important and influential in my life. Of course, I had all the motivations of a teenager, and I must admit that the camp and the people I worked with, for the most part, were very liberal and unconcerned with being "God's role model." That said, I made it a point to deliver devotions every night to my kids, to encourage all campers to sing along with joy to Christian tunes and to pray nightly.

My faith was quickly dissipating my last summer working there, but I still continued with devotions in a manner that seemed, looking back, more secular. Just simple stories about treating one another with respect, etc.... stuff any ethical person could relate to.

I was asked to return in several different capacities a few times over the next couple of years. But by then my atheism had emerged, and I knew the place I loved would become a place of conflict. It was time to move on.


I can absolutely relate. If someone hasn't 'cut me off' then the topic becomes taboo with them.

In my experience the ones that are genuinely immersed in christianty don't seem threatened. The ones that have doubts about their religion are more likely to be uncomfortable around apostates because then they are forced to think a little deeper........and we all know how thinking and the bible don't mix.........




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