I just thought I'd start up a little spot for those of us who enjoy being creative, or indeed, those of us who are creative for a living.

I myself am a freelance artist, and I thought it would be nice to see how many more atheists there are in the art world.

I also wonder if your atheism affects your art in any way - as I have seen countless religious artists covering the internet with their religio-inspired works. Anyone out there who counteracts that with gorgeous paintings of long-dead dinosaurs for example?

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I did some murals for my high school's science department this spring. In the hallway, I made a white admiral butterfly, and a waterfall at a stream. And in one of the biology classrooms, I made a history of life on Earth along the top of the walls. So, not only long-dead dinosaurs, but trilobites, orthocera, a sponge, cycads, fish-like tetrapods, and three billion year old fossil cells. It was a really fun project, and I learned a lot!




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