Some Christians learn of their unchristian-ness

But really, I don't think it was the fact that he looked like a tramp that made people avoid him. More likely it was because they were frightened to find their priest wearing a womans wig, sat amongst a pile of syringes pouring beer all over himself. Lesson learned!

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Wow! Nice share! It's always fun to watch Christians realize their own hypocrisy. At least it was a reminder of treating your fellow man nicely, despite the religious lesson tacked on to it. =(

Excuse me, I've got to go roll on the floor for a while.
Hah. Brilliant.
Well done sir. You win an internets :D
Lulz. Nice one.
I'm not sure what kind of help the priest expected people to provide. Help opening a beer? Help cleaning the needles? Help directing him to rehab?? The tramp was in a church, so I guess he didn't need help finding God.

I'm surprised they had the compassion not to call the cops on the "tramp". The fact that they didn't boot him out of the church is a compassionate gesture.
So they're also hobophobic, eh?
I've given money to many people on the streets. Granted, as a female I wouldn't do anything else (especially if I was alone), but I wouldn't ignore them.




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