These really are questions for people who know more about anthropology than I do, which wouldn't take much.

Have records been maintained regarding surviving 'Stone Age' tribes' religions? Is there a trend towards pantheism, polytheism, or some other form of theism? Is there any record of a tribe without any divine or divine-like belief system?

I started thinking about it when I read about the 'discovery' of another amazon tribe a few months ago, but I really don't know how to go about researching such a broad question so far from my own education.

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Well, I can say that most religions pre-Judeo-Christian/Abrahamic were polytheistic. I can however say my weakness is probably the lack of history knowledge, but I guess that these tribes were polytheistic and they had personal gods probably leaning towards a slight pantheism.

I know for sure that most agricultures for example hailed the power of life.



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