Fight back against Bill Donohue!

So far today, I have received 39 pieces of personal hate mail of varying degrees of literacy, all because I was rude to a cracker. Four of them have included death threats, a personal one day record. Thirty-four of them have demanded that I be fired. Twenty-five of them have told me to desecrate a copy of the Koran, instead, or in some similar way offend Muslims, because — in a multiplicity of ironic cluelessness — apparently only some religious icons must be protected, and I would only offend Catholics because they are all so nice that none of them would wish me harm. I even have one email that says I should be fired, that the author would like to kill me, and that I only criticize because Catholics are so gentle and kind.

Oh, and of course, the university president's office has also received lots of mail demanding my immediate ouster (keep in mind, though…Catholics are no threat to anyone at all.) I don't know how much, but since Donohue published the president's email address and not mine, I imagine it's much greater than what I've seen. Those lovely Dark Age fanatics at the Catholic League have started a write-in campaign to start up an inquisition.

So no poll-crashing today. Instead, I would appreciate it if you would write a short note to President Robert Bruininks in support (he's going to hate me for this). I have to ask for a few constraints, though: only do so if you are willing to sign a real name to it — most of the complaint mail I'm getting uses fake names, making it much less persuasive — and that, unlike the religious screeds I'm seeing, you take the time to proofread and send him something that at least looks like a high school graduate wrote it, which will put you way above the level of the hate mail. Be polite and rational, too!

If you really want to impress, send him regular mail at this address:

President Robert H. Bruininks
202 Morrill Hall
100 Church Street S.E.
University of Minnesota
Minneapolis, MN 55455

Bill Donohue has a loud, braying voice, and he's already trying to stir up a witch hunt. We need a counter-campaign from the secular community.

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Now this...this is a great idea. I like to imagine the Catholic League inundated with Saltines. You should suggest this to PZ.
I'm actually considering this now.
Hmmm that IS a good idea. =D
I think just a box of perfectly good eatable crackers would make the point--that they're all just crackers. Even their special Jesus flesh crackers.
Catholic League going after PZ?... Oh, hell no.

“It is hard to think of anything more vile than to intentionally desecrate the Body of Christ. We look to those who have oversight responsibility to act quickly and decisively.”

What BS is this? It's a cracker. Period. I eat crackers for lunch all the time. Call it whatever you want.... it doesn't change the fact that it is a cracker.
Is it okay if I put this letter up at Support PZ?
Here is the main body of my letter, which I am popping in the post momentarily:

I am writing on behalf of Professor P. Z. Myers regarding this Eucharist incident. I am an atheist and the fact is that Myers is a much-loved and well-respected member of our community. Many of us feel invisible, ignored, and downright hated. Lately, we’ve been gathering a little steam in the area of activism—sometimes it’s writing letters, supporting lobbyists on our behalf, or it comes in the form of lawsuits—as we beg for, haggle for, and demand our equal and civil rights as American citizens. The activism takes other forms as well, forms well documented in any social movement for change. While Myers’s suggestion to desecrate a Communion wafer might seem college-prankish, the fact is that it fits in with a number of attention getting stunts for respectable causes. All sorts of activists perform various antics to demand rights for blacks, women, gays, etc. This isn’t anything new and whether one agrees with its effectiveness, it’s a tactic I fully support so long as no one is hurt. This, I’m afraid, doesn’t include the hurting of one’s feelings.

Considering the tremendous amount of prejudice and general disdain coming from the Catholic community directed towards atheists, agnostics, and freethinkers, this threat to desecrate what we all know is basically a cracker (there is no need to test these wafers following the blessing that supposedly transforms them into the magical flesh of their consumer’s Lord and Savior…it’s a flaky, crispy cracker), the idea that what Myers did is beyond the pale is laughable. He may have incited the ire of one large group, but he’s also gained even more respect and support from another, the secular community. We don’t all agree, but mine is a voice that is absolutely raised in support. Please don’t allow your University to be bullied by the likes of the Catholic League’s Bill Donohue. Yes, he’s loud, insistent, and becomes rabidly red-in-the-face at the slightest hint criticism, but he remains a bully and only that.

We without faith take a lot of flack and have few out there with enough courage and intellect to defend us, whereas most major religions have armies. Please consider Myers a much-needed representative of a movement in desperate need of change and do what you can to ensure his position (in light of demands for his removal) and his safety (in light of the death threats he’s received).

My boyfriend, an English prof, will also be penning a letter from a fellow prof perspective regarding academic free speech. If Myers makes it through this unscathed, we will send him a congratulatory shot of blessed gin (no kidding, The Boyfriend sneaked it in and got it blessed along with some water at Lourdes!). Talk about your blasphemy.
Damn, I want some blessed gin. Any way to get some blessed Drambuie?
I have gotten a few letters from some very good people in and out of the atheist community, I mean copies of letters sent to Dr. Bruininks. I am publishing them at Support PZ Please continue writing to Dr. Bruininks, and keep in mind that you are writing to a university president so please be respectful of the situation.
Out of curiosity, has PZ even joined this site yet?

As you already know vjack, PZ is now being piped on board.
PZ Myers Page
Symbolic cannibalism is bizarre, backwards, archaic, and disgusting. I thought so as a six year old child attending Our Lady of Wisdom Catholic Elementary School and I still think so today.



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