Doesn't this just make your blood boil? The rights of some deluded bible bashing bigot put before the rights of a group with no choice in their lifestyle. This spells very bad things for the United Kingdom. I wonder if someone who refused to wed black couples could also claim religious dogmatism as their defence and win. So now we have a hierarchy in the British legal system. God trumps human rights. Nice!

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Disturbing indeed, reminds me of Pharmacists who refuse to dispense Birth Control Pills.

Must a police office enforce a law that they don't personally agree with? Well, actually yes, and they can legitimately be fired for failing to do so, because their job is enforcing the law.

A pharmacists job is to dispense prescription medication in accordance with the direction of a medical doctor.

A worker at the marriage/civil unions office has a job to ratify those unions as deemed by the state.

I'm a QA engineer, I perform the tests based on the features in the product based upon requirements set my management, I cannot refuse to test some features because I know that no customer will ever use them....

Would you hire an Orthodox Jew as a Bacon Taste-Tester?
yeah- we finally get rid of the antiquated blasphemy law and now we get this to replace it- I went through the article and replaced words with 'black' or 'hate' / 'prejudice' and it makes much more sense lol
So what European country is next in line?
This barely makes sense in my eyes. She objected to doing her job, so how can she possibley claim discrimantion?

"Speaking after the case, Miss Ladele said: "I am delighted at this decision. It is a victory for religious libertybigotry, not just for myself but for others in a similar position to mine."

Fixed it for you
This type of shit makes me really angry.

I am sick of the religious being allowed to claim exemptions from the laws that apply to everyone else.

My favourite line: "Islington Council cared too much about the rights of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transsexual community, the panel ruled."

WTF? Cared too much?
I can't say I quite understand people who hold a job that goes against such strongly held bigotry religious beliefs. She should have resigned if her job causes her to perform marriages she is against. No big deal. But to say she can be exempted from performing them on basis of religious creed is setting up a very dangerous future. Perhaps the Flying Spaghetti Monster needs to go there and claim moral indignity at having to use the services of a building that allows a bigot to work there and fully express her bigotry through her work there. It is a public institution she is working in, right? Does this mean that the government in the UK sanctions this sort of bigotry?
I don't know if that is what it "means", it is certainly what it implies.
Well...... it was the council (the government institution she worked for) that told her to get lost. It was the lawyers who came up with all the shit about it 'disrespecting her views' (what about the racists, eh? People are always disrespecting their views..........)

So in this case the government were not the bad guys.... though they are, of course, very much responsible for leading us to the place where this could happen. And shit yes the government loves pandering to these kind of nutters, so things aren't great.
Looks like another example of Christian privilege to me. I reject the notion that certain beliefs must be respected simply because they are religious in nature. If only the rest of the world would figure this out!
It's a complete cock-up, and a misinterpretation of the job, let's put this into perspective here, If I'm a construction worker and I get hurt while out skiing one weekend and an mow no longer physically able to do my job, I don't just get to stay on the job and collect a paycheck, I may get some disability but because work didn't cause the injury I've got to rely on another form of insurance/social security/etc... what we have here is the same, only the disability is a mental one.

And yes, I do mean to infer that religion is a mental disability.
You could if you're Mormon.




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