Doesn't this just make your blood boil? The rights of some deluded bible bashing bigot put before the rights of a group with no choice in their lifestyle. This spells very bad things for the United Kingdom. I wonder if someone who refused to wed black couples could also claim religious dogmatism as their defence and win. So now we have a hierarchy in the British legal system. God trumps human rights. Nice!

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"Doesn't this just make your blood boil?"

NO. It's realpolitik.

PLUS priests and other celebrants have the right to refuse to perform ceremonies.Here a doctor can(and many do) refuse to perform abortions on moral principle. I was also a civil servant,and also refused certain duties at times on safety or moral grounds. In my opinion the dopey,judgmental twat was perfectly within her rights. I'm not surprised her position was upheld at law.

Laws and rights are social constructs,not innate. Their purpose is to protect social order,and to preserve the status quo. Of course sometimes justice prevails,but such times are happy accidents--That's one reason you should NEVER talk to the police.

The following Youtube video "Don't talk to police" is highly recommended. (Part 1)




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