Gospel-The National

"and I'll...I'll bring a nice icy drink to you."

I love this band...saw them open for REM at the Mann. I like the lyric from Ada...

"hold onto yourself by the sleeves
I think everything counts a little more than we think."

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Apocalyptica - Worlds Collide
"Uncertain Smile" by The The... the one with Jools Holland's piano solo...
It's on the "Soul Mining" LP... 2 versions on 45 RPM-The Singles of The The...

Great band... "The Beat(en) Generation", "This Is The Day", "Infected", "Armageddon Days", "Perfect"... I could go on...

Don't mind the name, but Google searches are a bitch!
The Bastard Fairies, today. I defy you to play this video without dancing in your seat.


As a bonus, in one of their other videos (I can't remember which one) their guitarist is reading The God Delusion. Oh, they also encourage people to share their music freely, so go ahead and download it...

I'm also plugging the new Mike Doughty CD (Golden Delicious) at every opportunity, since I've been loving him since I first saw the video for Screenwriter's Blues by Soul Coughing.

Both bands are infectiously happymaking.
Love Soul Coughing.
I've had Counting Crows' Saturday Nights & Sunday Mornings in my drive for the past week.
Let it Die - Foo Fighters
Not by choice....Stella will understand.

I've been waking up almost every morning to Rebel, Rebel.

She's like some of The Kinks' stuff too.
2 albums in my car right now :

Nevermore - Godless Endeavor
Warrel Dane - Praises to the war machine

I highly recommend these 2 albums. I have had the Nevermore album in my car for over 18 months and I never tire from it. Warrel Dane is from the band Nevermore and just released his album last month, great stuff!
nevermore is awesome and godless endeavor is a great album.

right now I am listening to "Erebus" by The Amenta




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