If Atheism was a recipe, a set of instructions, or something you put together, how d'you think it would go?

Mine would go like this:

Atheist kit

Select books by Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens, and Charles Darwin.
The Bible, for comparison.
One (1) Atheist and/or political blog
One (1) set of critical thinking
One (1) set of logic

One or more person(s)
A little bit of arrogance
A brain

Lifetime warranty. Some assembly required.

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For me?

~A dollop of scifi and fantasy at a young age
~Ad sense that subservence to another is wrong.
~A dash of Heinlein
1) One ten-gallon drum of TRUTH, undiluted.
2) Two ten-gallon drums of COURAGE, full-strength.
3) A pint of WIT and a few drops of SARCASM.

Mix well for maximum effect!
The grammar nazi in me wants to say that it should have been if athiesm were a recipe.

The rest of me just want's your number :)
Main ingredients:
1 cup of Socratic Method
1/2 cup of Scientific Evidence
1/2 cup of History Books
1/2 cup of Philosophy

4 fl oz of logic and reasoning
1/4 cup of common sense
Add sense of humor to mixture until sauce thickens

Garnish with dark sarcasm or funny bible quotes

Serve with a pinot noir

Is  having no belief a recipe?

Is having no evidence a recipe?




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