If Atheism was a recipe, a set of instructions, or something you put together, how d'you think it would go?

Mine would go like this:

Atheist kit

Select books by Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens, and Charles Darwin.
The Bible, for comparison.
One (1) Atheist and/or political blog
One (1) set of critical thinking
One (1) set of logic

One or more person(s)
A little bit of arrogance
A brain

Lifetime warranty. Some assembly required.

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For me?

~A dollop of scifi and fantasy at a young age
~Ad sense that subservence to another is wrong.
~A dash of Heinlein
1) One ten-gallon drum of TRUTH, undiluted.
2) Two ten-gallon drums of COURAGE, full-strength.
3) A pint of WIT and a few drops of SARCASM.

Mix well for maximum effect!
The grammar nazi in me wants to say that it should have been if athiesm were a recipe.

The rest of me just want's your number :)

The spelling nazi in me has noticed your use of the word "athiesm". Now that must be derived from the word athiest. Athiest must mean the most athie, as in: "athie, athier, athiest".

I'll stick to my atheism. By the way, I'm not really criticising you ~ I know "athiesm" may well have been a typo.

: –}

Grammar Police patch, in the shape of a police badge, with a pencil with eraser, and subtitled 'To correct and serve'

(See also "Decline in writing accuracy" in the Linguaphiles and Sesquipedalians group.)

That is how I would have worded it if atheism were a recipe.

Roy, the grammar nazi in me doubts your want’s success.

Main ingredients:
1 cup of Socratic Method
1/2 cup of Scientific Evidence
1/2 cup of History Books
1/2 cup of Philosophy

4 fl oz of logic and reasoning
1/4 cup of common sense
Add sense of humor to mixture until sauce thickens

Garnish with dark sarcasm or funny bible quotes

Serve with a pinot noir

Is  having no belief a recipe?

Is having no evidence a recipe?

Those could be conditions for deciding that absence of evidence, where you'd expect an abundance of evidence, is indeed reasonable evidence of absence of any sort of god worth worrying about.

It's like answering the question: "If putting a meal together was a recipe or set of instructions, you put together, how d'you think it would go?"

In that case I'd need to know exactly which meal was concerned. Otherwise I'd have to say that there is no single recipe. Just so with atheism. Perhaps you meant to ask: "What are some of the ways in which one might become an atheist?"

Here is a flowchart of how people can become theists and atheist of various types . . .

Cheers, Gila Guerilla.




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