I work in many mediums, but most of my work tends to be painting (both oil and acrylic) and charcoal, sometimes colored pencils. I love working clay, but do not have a suitable studio area anymore, so I haven't in a while.

So what type of art mediums do you love working with?

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Chalk on black paper, charcoal on light paper, colored fondant on cake, etching on metals, artificial and dried botanicals for sculpture, cement, leather, PhotoShop and pretty much anything else that strikes me. You can see one of my drawings on my profile page (I plan to add more) and one of my art cakes at the link below.

How To Make Decorating Fondant For Cake Art
Photography, drawing, and clay.
I use acrylics, watercolors, oil pastels, and colored pencils, and occasionally charcoal, graphite, and pen. I have yet to try oils.
I do mostly Digital Drawing and I think I use most of the popular programs out there. x'D Photoshop, OpenCanvas, MangaStudios, ComicWorks, etc.

I'm not so good with Traditional materials at all, unless you count pencils. > A /body>
Acrylic, pen and ink,colored pencils.
I also like to do digital art. Take realistic pictures,put them in the Gimp (Linux art program) and change them.
Cartooning interests me a lot. I have fun with art.
I've also played the hammer dulcimer for years and used to run a dulcimer club.
What instruments do you play?
I play the penny whistle
Hammer dulcimer
I'm plain. I draw mainly with pencil, Sharpie and ballpoint. I also do some collage with drawings and magazine cutouts. I used to be into pixel art ("dolls") when I was younger, but lost the knack. My most recent art class has woken me up to things like charcoal and ink with brushes/pens, which I'd like to get more into. I hope to learn more about ceramics, jewelry, painting and sewing in the near future, as I've had a little experience with those and they are much more conducive to making a little side money.
Currently I work in the following mediums: pens and graphite-drafting pencils, charcoal, coloured pencils, digital art, and every now and then I play around with my Air-Brush(I have a lot to learn in this medium). And I also dabble in photography(it my new thing).

Airbrush. Music.
I work with oils, acrylic, watercolor, ink and skin, pencil, pen, clay, just about anything I can make into something else.
My day job as a graphic designer requires me to work digitally for the most part, but in the last few years i started painting again. Currently i've been working in mixed media. Mostly acrylic, with bits of whatever else (chuck taylors, shell casings, construction materials, money, weed) mixed in and fastened to my canvases. I've yet to try oils out yet, but plan on it as soon as I get a studio space again.
I've been using color pencils/pencils to sketch designs. I also been using acrylics to paint. I know how to use everything though. I might start using digital mediums too.




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