I've always enjoyed asimov

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Robert Heinlein is my god. His books were the first I had ever read that actually made me do some thinking instead of just absorbing whatever he said.
woah! I totally adored reading Stranger in a Strange Land. It had such an interesting view-point on religion, and it made a hell lot more sense than the bible.
*grin* very true Rosa - Heinlein was one of the Masters.
Harlan Ellison
Women write science fiction to - my favourite is C. J. Cherryh who has had over 60 books published since the mid 1970's and won two Hugo Awards.

If interest continues in this thread I'll list others :)
Please do!
Joan Vinge is also very good.
That shes is :) The Snow Queen, World's End, The Summer Queen, Psion were all great books - as were the others she wrote :)
Don't know if I could pick a favourite, there's so much good stuff out there, but recently I've been rather keen on Richard Morgan.
My guilty pleasure is the Stainless Steel Rat books by Harry Harrison... just pure entertainment.
Mmm, there are so many of them. Asimov, Clarke and Heinlein the big three of course ;-) But also people like Ian M Banks, Philip Jose Farmer, Stephen Baxter, Harry Harrison, Theodore Sturgeon etc. But my all-time favourite has to be Philip K Dick. His insight into philosophical and metaphysical questions are just mind-boggling. He had a uniquely paranoid view of the world. Although I don't necessarily agree with him, his views on religion were also very interesting, even bizarre. His novel "Valis" is one of my favourite books! (hehe) Also books like "The Transmigration of Timothy Archer", "The Divine Invasion" and especially "The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch" are particulary freaked out. Oh, and "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep" also had some interesting takes on religion.
I can't really say who my favorite sci fi author is, but I really enjoyed all of Robert Charles Wilson's books last year. His books are good sci fi, but they are also very good character stories which is why I kept reading them.




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