I'm thinking of starting a group journal/blog for far left/left/radicals/anarchists/communists/socialists/freethinkers/etc written by several writers and with no limit on what can be written, can just be links or copied from your own blog, videos, pictures, etc--anything interesting and related to the broad subject matter is good.

Let me know if anyone is interested, I don't intend to regulate it aside from bringing in writers, but I've put it up and written a few things to make it look pretty and show how it will look. :)

You can find it here.


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I'd be interested in contributing. I'm a Socialist, and I enjoy writing, although English is not my first language.
No problem :) Anything you want to contribute, from just posting random bits like images and videos, to stories, news, opinion, etc, all are fine--and you can post as often or as little as you like. :)

If you'd like to be added as a writer, just let me know your email address and sign up for wordpress.com if you havent already.

It's only just started though, so no readers yet.

And hooray for finding another socialist :)
What about far right anarchists & freethinkers? :)
They're free to speak their mind on it, but generally the site is for leftists. If you're interested in writing, let me know--but again, keep in mind the site is geared towards leftists.
I can offer stories, poetry, and some music, if you are interested.
Sweet. :) As long as you don't have me go through the whole process to make you a writer then don't post anything like everyone's done so far. XD

Like above, I just need your email to add you as an author. Message it to me if you like. :)
judas.dean@yahoo.com. I'm an aspiring writer by trade, so I have quite a few pieces ready to go. Let me know. :)
You're added as a writer, have fun :)
Sounds interesting to me, I am in :) I will write as soon I get something to get out of my head.
Need your email. :P
Oh sorry, leatelamon@hotmail.com
Thanks :)




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