I myself play guitar, bass guitar, trombone, baritone, tuba, and a little bit of piano.

How about you?

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My son plays bassoon. It is his backup plan for a college scholarship in case he gets injured playing football. His band teacher was very encouraging and is teaching him well.
With my band, one of the big strapping high school kids was helping load the truck, and his dad told him to be careful because he wouldn't want to miss any football due to a band injury :-)
Heh - sounds like my son's coach. My son is 12 and plays football for the middle school and he is already 5' 10'' and 200 lbs. He makes the bassoon look small!
Strictly harmonica-diatonic and chromatic. Started on the t'bone back in 1962 but quit that after six years. Took up playing the harp in '71.
I play guitar rather well (but nowhere near to my satisfaction) and piano very very poorly. If I could take a pill and instantly master any instrument, that instrument would be the piano.
Guitar, vox, and a little tiny bit of piano. I can make a few chords, and play some a few little melodies. I can generally play a short little piece, loop it in garageband, add another short little piece, and so on till it sounds like I know what I'm doing :P
I play the guitar and the piano.
I play guitar and have a degree in Recording Engineering (real old though - analog!!!)
I am kind of a jack of all trades, master of none. I am first and foremost a drummer but I can play guitar, bass, piano, keys, and sing. The breadth of knowledge really helps my making electronic music.

I also have a studio in my basement and am learning how to make the most of it.
I play bass in a rock/blues/jazz/funk band, also play a bit of guitar.
Guitar, Keys, Vox, and I used to play Oboe long, long, ago!
I play violin.




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