I myself play guitar, bass guitar, trombone, baritone, tuba, and a little bit of piano.

How about you?

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I can play some drums, piano and sing, but I am primarly a guitarist, although I would love to change that into pianist instead. Singing is fun, but I don't like my voice. I have no issues pitching and all that though, I guess you could call me a good hobby-singer, but below any sort of professional level. Oh yeah, I can also growl some :)
Guitar, Bass Guitar, String Bass, Drums, Piano, Harmonica (Blues Harp)
Piano (learning improvisational style) and electric violin.
I am a vocalist, and play guitar, harmonica, keyboard, drum machine, drums, and synth. I'm much better at singing than all the others.
I play Chapman Stick and MIDI-guitar.
Electronic drums. Yamaha DTXpressIII.
I started with piano, taught myself guitar, and started learning violin and clarinet in the last five years or so. Right now I'm concentrating on the clarinet.
I play guitar (electric & acoustic), bass guitar, keyboards, & recorder.

My home studio has a mixing board, M-Audio Delta 44 audio interface, Compaq PC, Casio keyboard, Cakewalk Guitar Tracks Pro, FL Studio, SoundForge, and Behringer Truth monitors.
Band teacher here. I play all of the band and orchestra instruments. My main instruments are horn and trumpet, with some piano thrown in for good measure. I'm currently teaching myself to play guitar.
Clarinet, mostly. Also saxophone and flute. Next fall I plan to start taking lessons on steel pan - I'm very excited about this!!
i have an ibanez rg and an old les paul

(and in a pinch, i can play bass and if you put a gun to my head, i can fill in on piano/keyboards)


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