I myself play guitar, bass guitar, trombone, baritone, tuba, and a little bit of piano.

How about you?

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Unfortunately, piano is my only one but I would like to learn guitar at some point.
I only play piano and sing, and my piano is pretty mediocre. I had lessons when I was little but had no interest, I only wanted to sing, a year after lesson money ran out I suddenly really wanted to play piano. Figures. Now I'm working on it by myself.
You wouldn't happen to be a Dresden Dolls/Amanda Palmer fan would you?

Your picture with the makeup made me think that may be the case.
Yeah I am a big fan, but it's funny because my picture is totally un-related, I didn't even do the makeup myself, it was for a weird play that I was in =).
It must be a synchronicity.

Well, glad to know a fellow fan of Amanda. She is a truly original artist, and so passionate about her songs. I think she is the best by far of any modern songwriter. She is totally under appreciated. :)
I've been a guitarist for almost 20 years. Besides that I love playing drums, piano, bass, and I do some drum machine and synth programming as well. I've got some stuff online, and if you are curious I can give you the locations.

Within the last month I left my old band, Late Night Zero, a horror punk band much like the Misfits. It wasn't really my taste in music, but it was a chance to tour the east coast and have some fun in face paint. I really enjoyed playing up my character. It was a fun ride. Now I'm just back to writing my own stuff at home. I would love to do collaborations with anyone interested.
I'm a singer and a very poor guitarist. I also write lyrics, and I know a fair bit about sound engineering, though it's pretty damn rusty at this stage.
nothing tickles our fancy more than an authentic Fender Rhodes.

i play mainly the keys, especially electronic pianos (Rhodes, Wurly, Clav etc.), organs, some synths and your ordinary piano.

would absolutely love to learn much more. on my priority is the contrabass, flute, trombone and violin.
Classical guitar, Drum set, djembe, bohdran, accordion, kantele, bamboo flute, bass bamboo flute, tin whistle, percussion (shakers, tambourine etc.) midi keyboard... Yeah my apartments pretty packed. lol
Guitar, bass guitar, drums (only the basic beats, nothing complicated), and i sing well enough to carry a tune.

I play the flute, harmonica, some guitar, some piano, and I sing.

I play some guitar, some bass and the stereo.




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