By now, I hope that many of us are aware of the news that the Catholic League is taking action against PZ Myers because of the comments he made regarding the "theft" of a communion wafer in Florida. The Catholic League is trying to damage PZ's career.

We know that taking on PZ and his fans is a foolish game. His internet poll game has demonstrated the foolishness of trying to outnumber atheists and our allies is a foolish game.

We only want secularism in our society. Religion will crumble on its own, once it is no longer given an automatic respect that says "No Ridicule Allowed." We don't want to burn down churches, kill religionsists or even prevent them from praying in private. What we do want is for them to stop tring to force us to conform to their belief system. A Catholic's consecrated host is a piece of unleavened bread. It is not Jesus. I am not bound, nor are you bound to someone else's belief system.

Neither is the University of Minnesota.

I have started a blog for people to send me copies of the letters that they send to the University's president in support of PZ Myers. Please visit Support PZ and then follow the instructions to send them to me. I will post them to the site so that even long after the furor has died down, your support for freedom of speech will be available to anyone and everyone.

If you don't feel comfortable sending me something through e-mail, send it from my page or post in this forum and I will make sure it gets updated as soon as time permits.

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Say Hey, Mike

I love your idea for a Support PZ letter blog.

This link is to a discussion in the forums at Professor PZ Myers Needs Your Help!

Just a thought, you might want to post this discussion over there also.
I clicked on the "Support PZ" site, but it seems to have been taken down, or moved.




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