Here are my two 5-year old beagles! I love me some dog! :-)

*don't start any nasty rumors about my pagan symbol of winter!*

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Here are my three Mooglets ^^

Twisp (front) and Spork (back) enjoying the garden a few weeks ago ^^

Moogle-Mama on the prowl XD in our old old garden c.c

Twisp playing at being a book-end ^^

Spork getting fed up with me and my flashy-thing XD In our old old house c.c

I have literally hundreds of photographs of my cats c.c I am a sad cat owner with a digital camera, you see...
Thankyou ^^ I plan to get the top one framed
I know the feeling me - me too XD
CATS! I love cats but my wife will not let me get one because she thinks the Chihuahuas would drive it crazy! Maybe she has a point but I would love to have one!

I really like the top shot as well! Cats are cool!
I'd love to have a dog sometime, a Great Dane or full-size Poodle XD No idea how the cats would take to one though!

Same here...I have GB's of photos of my Chihuahuas and Tater, my brother's Yellow Lab...I am in the process of posting my favorites to my Atheist Nexus page. FUN!

That's Pablo when he was a puppy!
That is SUCH a cute puppy
You can actually see Spork at the last pic going: " I am SO over this *sigh* hoomins..."! So cute
Spork is a fabulous name for a cat. Seriously. Those are great pics and alert, beautiful felines! :)
I like your pets...Especially the Ball Python! He lopks very healthy, and like he is about to shed? I had a Female Ball Python for 7 years named Tiffany(RIP She caught a nasty respiratory infection that I could not help her through, sad.)...The Leopard Gecko is beautiful! Are they anything like a Tokay Gecko? Their Temperament? I have a Tokay Gecko and it is very mean! It barks and growls! It is actually very funny to see a gecko bark and grow...Or maybe that is just my odd sense of humor? ...And it can stick to anything and run! Even across the ceiling upside down, weird!
I love these close-up photos! Beautiful Dogs!
Spoiled is completely normal.




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