Here are my two 5-year old beagles! I love me some dog! :-)

*don't start any nasty rumors about my pagan symbol of winter!*

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Reilly is a shelter dog. He's a spaniel mixed with ... well, whatever. He's fantastic.

Here he is after a swim in the Gulf:
island reilly

And here he is all arted up:

reillygrunge small
8 yr old Amazon "MOJO" She is completely cage free. We removed her cage door about 2 years ago.. her wings are clipped.. she talks and sings all day long!

5 yr old Sun Conure "OLIVER"

Love those bearded dragons. I've heard lizards have a short mortality rate among pets.
Here are my 3 cats, two of which have sadly died now, and I sure miss them. The incredibly skinny siamese is still alive and well, thankfully, and she goes absolutely nuts when I go back to Mexico, which is nice, although my mom tells me she gets really distressed when I go back to Uni, which is kind of sad.

Anyway, you can see it can actually get pretty cold in Mexico City!

The two darker coloured cats are Siamese females, and the cow-like fatso is Felipe, the son of one of the Siamese Gals (not the skinny one).

The boys, in repose.
This is Lidja. (Yes, I rawfeed my kitties!) She's 7, and very much a scaredy-cat but a total lovebug once she decides to trust you.

This is Tycho, in a rather unusual state of not getting into trouble. He's 4, but isn't really any calmer than when he was a kitten.

Introducing Cleo, the newest member of the family. She's a 15 week old cocker Spaniel adopted from a Marine family being deployed to Japan. She's a doll. She walks amazingly well on a leash, she gets along with other dogs and cats and is very well behaved.

That puppy looks like a plushie! She's so perfect!
Spoiled? You bet. These two are royalty.

Princess Hannah of Happyton

King Oliver of Grump

This is my Charlie...hence my username!

Typical morning at our house.
Mo & Go




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