Meme theory is an idea I've been playing around with in my head. Im sure many people here have read the selfish gene! So what does everybody think about memes? Is it far-fetched?

I also just finished The Meme Machine by Susan Blackmore too! I dont know...I think its pretty fascinating that ideas can evolve.

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It is definitely something that deserves looking into. Personally, I've stumbled with the idea a little bit in regards to semiotics in the past, but have since decided that it is sound enough, and am a proponent of it.
to Andrew, I can't reply to your post and while I realize what you are saying, I just don't think this include people who generally feel outside of the common society, which then would have a different set of memes. They were, just like many others raised by their parents in most often a natural way, had a natural childhood etc, but still they are (or at least feel) so different than others.

I also do think you can fight against a meme, sure, you can say that you replace that meme with another, but so be it. Let's take someone who has serious personality issues, DID is a good example here because while there is a lot of information on the area, we still know very little of the illness in depth.

A person suffering from DID would show different sets of memes. Say that the host dislike dirt and must keep it constantly clean. That would be one type of meme. Person A rather keeps it dirty, then we clearly have two memes contradicting each other but displayed by the same person.

I remember I read a case about a woman who actually suffered from this. I think she had one or two other persons in her, and they constantly argued because one liked to clean and keep things at certain places while the other preferred entropy.

It has also been noted that a person suffering from DID showed an allergic reaction, I think it was towards bee stings, while the host or maybe one of the other persons didn't get any reactions at all. Generally you would think the body acts the same, and this is one area we so far know nothing of. We don't know why a person can show allergic reactions to bee stings and then not showing any. It's the same body, one would think the sensitivity would still be or not be there.

Same for the woman with the cleaning/dirt down obessession; she is obviously being controlled by two different brain halves (host person left side and the other person right side). You would also think that you would in general only use one brain side no matter what, since there obviously are more nerve connections in the other you tend to use more.




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