Many of us have hidden in the atheist closet for far too long. I'm sure many of us have started coming out because of all the creationists forcing their bullshit beliefs into the schools, the military ostracizing atheists in fox holes, the ebbing of a theocracy creeping into our government, and the increasing prejudice against the secular community.

So what do we do?
Will people vote for an atheist?
Should we start our own schools?
Do we start trying to pass bills that will protect the constitution?

And how do we accomplish our goals? How do we get funding? Who will lead us?

Dawkins has compared trying to gather atheists into a group to herding cats...I don't think he's too far off here.

How do we get so many freethinkers on the same page? Disbelief in the supernatural is one thing, but that doesn't stop us from questioning all forms of authority...

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There's always the old remote controlled wire into the hypothalamus trick.
Their brains have been warped too much...I'm not sure if that would work.

It would probably end with spontaneous combustion; which would be fun to watch.
The issue isn't of what you describe, but the we vs them mentality. Just look how you sound like, it's like you would like to start a cultural war. The issue isn't who should rule, but how we can coexist while making both parts happy?
I don't want a cultural war, but it may very well end up being the religious right vs the secularists. I want to defend the US Constitution, it was written by people who would consider themselves to be secular (Thomas Paine, Jefferson, Washington, Ben Franklin... they would call themselves atheists, agnostics or deists. They were Anti-Christian.)

It is unconstitutional for any one religion to force its beliefs on the public, and they are hitting all the major public venues: they are sneaking into the public schools, they are infiltrating the military, they have their own TV networks, their own radio shows, and the list goes on.

While they every right to speak, as well as believe, in what they want...they don't have the right to teach their dogma to our children. That is unconstitutional. Separation of Church and State thusly means that. That wedge is becoming thinner and thinner with each passing year. We are almost a theocracy!

I believe in protecting the Constitution, and in the past 10 or so years...its been trampled on. Something needs to be done.
IT is easy to get very angry at religious society and the continued assault on reason by evangelicals in the media. The pushing of creationism in schools is just one example.

If you break it down, the religious leaders are running scared from scientific research. Their myths are being smashed open wide, and they're doing everything in their power to hold back the tide and keep their "flocks" in line. They love playing the conspiracy card, but whose the organized one in the picture, millions of independent researchers (many working at rival corporations or universities)? Or the gestalt of the Christian churches whose membership is in the tens of millions, with weekly "meetings"? Frankly where is a "conspiracy" going to originate? Who has more to lose?

Follow the money...
I think the question of what to do it fairly easy to answer - we need to organize. The hard part is the question of how best to do so. I think an excellent start would be for all the big atheist organizations to support the Secular Coalition for America, an umbrella group which already receives the support of many atheist groups. This would have the advantage of allowing individual atheists to participate in the same organizations they are now but would also provide far greater numbers under the banner of one umbrella group.

With numbers, especially when they are organized under critical issues like protecting church-state separation, comes political clout. The umbrella group can reach out to individual atheists through netroots organizing in the same way has done for the progressive movement. This gives individuals a voice and allows the group to mobilize support where it is most needed.

What we seem to be missing is the sort of leadership to facilitate this process. Perhaps it is time to push some of the organizations to which we belong in this direction.
Try this:

Well I think part of the problem is there are a wide variety of "atheistic" positions on religion, there are those who wish to just coexist, those that would rather see the numbers of the faithful diminish, there are those who do think we're in the midst of a cultural war, or that there's a cultural war between Christianity + Judaism vs. Islam right now and they're screaming at them to "Stop the madness!"...
Eli said: "...there are a wide variety of "atheistic" positions..."

I can understand what your thinking here but I can't agree that the positions you've pointed out are exclusively atheist positions...

One of the greatest strengths of atheism is it's simplicity. Atheism fits into the mainstream of society on a variety of issues and can frequently be found on both sides of the same issue. The only real glue that holds us together is knowing that there are no supernatural solutions for anything. For atheists, it isn't a case of the gods are crazy; it's a case of the gods aren't there.

Personally, I think I fit into three of the groups you've named: I'm for diminished church following, I think we're in a current cultural war and I certainly agree with "stop the maddness" - PLEASE - before it's too late.
It's a small effort to deface money... but at least it keeps the issue in the forefront. If congress sees a great deal of its currency being scratched out... it may do something. Who knows.

It probably would do something.
Remember, we're the country whose only euphamism for dealing with something is "declaring war" on it.
After congress noticed how much of its currency was being defaced, how long do you think it'd take before there was a "War on Atheism"?
Probably only Fox "News" would call it that, but that's what it would probably boil down to.
Rewards for good christian americans calling in the evil defacers of currency.
Technically what you're suggesting is illegal to start with. It's done with the intent of rendering the currency unfit to be reissued. Punishable by a more or less unlimited fine and six monts in jail for the bill, five years for the coin.

The real solution is to do what the religious nuts do. Swamp the bloody courts with cases.

There is a culture war going on right now. In case you hadn't noticed, we've more or less been demonized by everything up to and including our own governnment over the last 8 years. Making everyone happy is a fine sentiment, but when one side is only going to be happy when the other side ceases to exist, everyone is not going to be happy.
I'd much prefer everyone be happy, but I won't bow and scrape to the deluded to make them happy.

I don't think freethinkers have any more problem getting along than any other group. We just don't have the numbers other sides do. Look how often the various religions split off in fights. They've just got large enough numbers that after the split they're still a huge group.
If six months of jail time is the punishment, let's "swamp the bloody courts with cases." LOL




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