"In God We Trust" - Violation of the 1st Amendment?

I've heard and read about many atheists complaining about the motto used on US money, saying that it violates the first amendment of the US constitution, separation of church and state.

I also know of some atheists who don't really care. They say there's nothing we can do about it, and even if we could, "why bother? It's only money."

It's not only money though.
I recently went to a water park where "In God We Trust" was printed on the entrance sign. Why is this? Was it meant to be a believers-only water park? If so, they should have warned me before I drove the hour-and-a-half.

I want to know what your opinions are on the matter. Should we continue protesting, marking out the motto on our money? Or just leave it be because it doesn't really matter?

I'm curious.

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Well, firstly it is NOT a violation to put the motto on coins.

Congress decides what can be put on coinage, "the national motto" is one of those things. The national motto happens to be "In god We Trust." As such, "In god We Trust," only appeared on our coins during the Civil War, disappeared not long after the Civil War, re-appeared in 1938 and has been there since.

"In god We Trust" being the national motto is what is unConstitutional. "In god We Trust," was made the national motto in 1956 when Congress made it so -- that was an act of Congress that respected an establishment of religion and is totally unConstitutional.

Apparently, "E Pluribus Unum;" an absolutely gorgeous and terrifying motto, was not officially made our motto in 1782, only understood to be to be the motto. Taking that there was no "official motto" some assholes in the 1956 Congress decided to pull a new one out of their assholes and "In god We Trust" is the shit that fell out.

As for my personal protest, I strike "In god We Trust" and write "E Pluribus Unum."
I overwrite god with a deity of my choice.

Right now it's Thor.




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