The place where newbies and technological retards like myself ask technical questions on how this site is run, how to modify the personal userpage (my page), how to post a video, add music, images, etc. I hope those of you who have patience and "know how" answer the questions posted here.

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I'll post the first question: Is it possible to leave a group you have joined by mistake?
Wow, I actually can't find a way to leave a group! There should definitely be a way to do that. Let's add that to the "Suggestions for site improvement", I guess, and hope that someone implements it.
Thanks Calla :)
OK! I have two questions.

1. How do I change my default photo? I've tried uploading a new one, but nothing happens.

2. How do you post a link on this site - does it use html or some other kind of code? I notice that if you post just a web address it automatically posts as a link, but how do you make a word or a phrase link? (Sorry, I'm hopeless with the terminology).
2. It uses html. Just use the buttons on the top of your posting form
Regarding your first question, what seems to be the problem?
I tested it just now, and managed to change mine.

Did you remember to Save after uploading the photo? ;)
Is there any chat-log for the pop-up chat? Someone messaged me and I didn't get a chance to read it or respond, can't find any log of it anywhere...
This thread is closed. Please place all these type discussions on the help pages.




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