This is mainly for those of you under 18/still living at home, though it can obviously be applicable to older people, as well.

How many of your parents know that you're an atheist?

My mom and step-dad are both very fundamentalist Christians, and as far as they know, I am as well (I sort of stopped doing all that about the time they moved a state away and I moved in with my dad). I don't want to deal with the huge falling out I know would occur were I to tell them. They might also try to make me move in with them again. Plus, to be honest, I need their support and help right now (and especially next year, when I start college), and I know that would all be withdrawn if they knew I'd "turned away from god."

My dad, on the other hand, while he does believe in god, is not any sort of religious person. I don't know if he knows whether I'm atheist or not, but he wouldn't really care either way.

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I'm still hiding myself at home too. It would be too much hassle, and if I can help it, this is the last summer I will spend in their house.

It looks like a lot of you should check out Undercover Atheists. My longer post on this topic is there.
My parents know. Mum doesn't care, although she occasionally gives me BS about "but don't you want something to believe in?" My Dad, on the other hand, is just...ugh. He hasn't attended church since I was at least six, and I know more of the Bible than he does (I attend a school where some theological studies are required, but are extremely analytical), but he's a God-botherer to the extreme-- and better yet, he's only just taken it up, I think because he feels he needs something to justify his assholery after the ENTIRE FAMILY started hounding him. Coloreds, fags, and feminazis, you guys! They are out to get my father! How will society survive!
Actually actually the many facets of Brahma is the equivalent of the Trinity! If Hinduism is Monotheistic than I put that Catholicism is Polytheistic! But your point still stands.

(Conventionally Hinduism is referred to as polytheistic because that is what it comes from, whereas the quasi-polytheistic Catholicism is considered Monotheistic almost purely for it being an Abrahamic Religion. Another way of looking at it, is that Catholics Worship many things but believe in one God, whereas Hindus worship many Gods despite believing there is essentially one God.)
I think all of my parents know.
My dad used to be a Jesuit, but has since lost faith in Catholicism, and is trying all sorts of religions and beliefs. He is fully supportive of me and we joke about me being an atheist all the time.
My Mom has never been a religious person, but always believed in energies, and crystals and that sort of shit (not hardcore though) so she's fine.
My step dad however, had a near death experience, which at first pushed him to be incredibly religious. the nice religious type though, God is love and all that stuff. he's toned it down in the last year or so, but i still dont want to tell him I'm atheist because I don't want to dissappoint him or something. not quite sure how to explain it really.
Finally, my Grandma, who lives with me and my Dad, found out at the same time I had the "I'm an Atheist" conversation with my Dad. (not sure how that conversation came about, probably our usual ramblings). at first she was appalled, she told my dad she was disappointed in me, my dad of course was very supportive having tried all sorts of different religions himself. Now about a year later she's totally supportive, and sometimes asks questions about why i don't believe in God.
Thats about it, my immediate family anyways. My sister and brother in law also know, but they dont really care and this has already become quite a long post i'm sure.
Fortunately I don't come from a particularly religious family. My Dad's openly agnostic, and my mom's a fairly mild Christian. My younger sister, however, has been thoroughly sucked into the church community. What we get for living in the South I suppose.
They know, and they seem cool with it, which is fortunate. I know not everyone is fortunate as I am on that front.
I know my dad knows, but I'm not really sure if my mom knows yet. I really don't think she'd care too much, shes pretty easy going, but theres always the possibility that she'd blow up like the Youtube fundies and kick me through a glass sliding door. You never know :O
Thank the FSM I'm a child of Atheist parents. But loads of my Atheist/agnostic friends are unlucky enough to be in Fundie households. I always say that if they can't stand it they can sleep on my couch.
Same here. My mom believes in some higher force but not in organized religion. She knows that I am an atheist, but my dad doesn't. He never goes to church, except on Christmas and Easter, but whenever I say anything about how much church angers me, he says something like, "Well, you should like to go to church." This is all he will say, and then he won't mention it again for awhile. That's the good thing about having an immediate family that avoids communicating as much as possible. We just mind our own business and don't force our beliefs onto each other. My extended family, however, has no clue that I am an atheist. They know that I don't go to church, but they have never asked me about my beliefs. I'm the kind of person that won't come right out and say that I'm an atheist, but if I am asked about it, I always tell the truth. They'll probably find out one day soon, and honestly, I don't know how they will take it, but I'll deal with that issue when it arises.
I'm sorry to hear about your mom and step-dad. I suppose the best option would be to keep quiet until you are financially independent.

My dad is a strong atheist, and my mom is, at best, agnostic. It's great having supportive parents, though I do worry how my boyfriend's family, specifically his grandma and aunt, who both live close by. They are both very religious, and he's told me that his grandma would not be happy if they found out about my real beliefs.

Oh well, I'm not marrying them, anyway >D
Both of my parents are well aware I'm an atheist. I first told them when I was about 13 and they told me to wait a while before setting it in stone. I didn't wait but it was another three or fours years before I told them again. Truth of the matter is that parents should love you, regardless of religious differences. However, we know that some people don't see it that way, especially those with more fundamental beliefs. I know my aunt and cousins still don't know because they were raised as devout Roman Catholics and already have enough problems with me that I don't feel any need to add to the self-righteous gossip I know the like to spread around.

Unless the matter comes up (i.e. mom wants you at a religious university etc.) it doesn't really matter what, when, how or even if you tell her. I was taught that religion is a private matter between a person and his or her self and I still think that it is often the best way to go.
... The problem isn't with parents for me ...
Father is a Strong Atheist, my mother, when she married him, became a disillusioned christian. (But she always says she really wants to be a disillusioned jew, skipping past the hard-core belief.)

The only 'anti-atheist' stuff that goes on in my house is when I start talking about atheism too much. Drives her nuts. She never has defined her faith or lack thereof.
... The problem was at school ...
I'm pretty lucky that my parents aren't religious, i'm pretty sure my dad is an agnostic but I don't know about my mom. I think they kinda know i'm an atheist cause I told them I wanted to see Religulous(and I got to see it :D).




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