Hey all. I've added the Nexus to Get Satisfaction (GSFN) in order to provide a better support experience. Using gsfn for support has a few excellent improvements.

  • You can tell when a topic is an idea, question or problem
  • The people managing the Nexus can register themselves as employees and get various admin rights on the topics (like marking that they are working on it etc)
  • People can "vote up" topics which affect them as well. So if 5 people have the same problem they can mark that without having to reply and that also gives the admins an easy overview on what is happening
  • The support is social. That means that even if the solution is provided by another user, you can still mark it as solved etc

And it has various other features (too many to mention) as well. I've been using gsfn for a while now and I think it rocks for support issues. So I've started a few topics I saw from here and hope to see you there as well. I'll be monitoring it for updates.

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